Experience meets Innovation

Company Story

Bullet Liner is proud to be part of the Carlisle Polyurethane Systems brand family. Together, we combine four generations of innovation and industry experience with cutting-edge scientific resources to create the spray-on polyurea protection gold standard.

Our roots in the polyurea protective coating industry run deep, starting more than 30 years ago by the industry pioneers. With experimentation and development, a polyurea coating technology was invented that bonded to almost any surface, offering maximum protection against scratches, dings, rust, corrosion, and more. This innovation was first sprayed onto pick-up truck beds, tailgates, and wheel wells, and the business quickly grew.

Today, Bullet Liner products are some of the most advanced in the industry, installed by a global network of highly trained dealers and applicators providing exceptional service and customer support for the life of our product.

The Bullet Liner Promise

High-Caliber Protection

Bullet Liner products are formulated to be the toughest in the industry, made to withstand even the most rugged conditions.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Every Bullet Liner product goes through extensive research and testing, performing above and beyond industry standards.

Professional Expertise

Our dealers are specially trained to apply and install Bullet Liner for long-lasting, professional results.

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee our products and application for the life of your vehicle or equipment. Bullet Liner will not flake, bubble or crack, even in extreme conditions.

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Superior protection starts with next-gen formulas.

The Bullet Liner family of polyurea coatings are specially formulated to provide better protection that lasts longer than others on the market, period. We research, develop, and test extensively to produce the best coatings, finishes, and sealants in the business.