Custom Spray On Liner

If you can dream it, we can protect it.

Custom spray on liner

Unbeatable protection for… just about anything.

Bullet Liner’s unique tough coatings are made to adhere to all sorts of surfaces. Vehicles aren’t the only ones that need protection from weather, water, rust, corrosion and even everyday wear and tear.  From toolboxes, bike racks and more, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even coated parts of the Pentagon following 9/11 and created a waterproof seal around the beautiful Wynn Hotel fountains in Las Vegas!

The best protection, everywhere.

Improve traction

Bullet Liner’s grip-tight, non-slip polyurea coatings provide secure, safe footing and traction for any surfaces that become slippery when wet.

Easy cleaning

Bullet Liner’s polyurea coating makes cleaning surfaces easier and faster than ever.

Enhance safety

A Bullet Liner layer not only protects your equipment and gear, but also the people using, operating, or wearing it.

Keep it stronger, longer

Bullet Liner’s protective layer shields against extreme wear and tear on any surface. Scratches, dents, rust, water damage, corrosion, and abrasions are no match for our water-tight, grip-tight seal.

Take it outside

Bullet Liner’s waterproof seal makes everyday equipment and gear more weather-resistant than ever.

Look sharp

Our textured coatings improve aesthetics and keep your equipment and gear looking on point.

Find a Bullet Liner dealer near you.

Trust an authorized Bullet Liner dealer to apply our best-in-class coatings for the best protection, period.

Superior protection gets creative.

Bullet Liner’s superior adhesion means a water-tight seal on any surface, including: