Spray On Boat Liner

Protect your boat or watercraft.

spray on boat liner

Make the most of the open water with Bullet Liner.

If you’ve invested in a boat or watercraft, you’ve got protection on your mind: shielding your investment from the elements and keeping passengers safe on the water. Bullet Liner’s water-tight spray-on polyurea coating protects your vessel against rust, corrosion, slips, and more. Bullet Liner kind of people.

Treat your boat right.

Protect against the elements.

Tested in the most extreme conditions, Bullet Liner’s indestructible coating stands up to UV rays, rust, corrosion, scratches, dents, stains, and more.

Improve resale value.

Our superior layer of protection adds years to the life of your vehicle for higher resale value when it’s time to trade up.

Prevent dings and dents.

Bullet Liner’s rugged surface prevents scratches and dents caused by hauling tools, equipment, and other cargo.

Reduce maintenance costs

Better exterior protection means less maintenance for you; a well- protected watercraft ensures more years on the water.

Enjoy a quieter, more comfortable cruise

Bullet Liner absorbs sound and vibration to reduce noise and prevent rattling for smoother sailing. It also increases thermal insulation for a more comfortable cruise in colder temps.

Improve safety onboard

Add a layer of safety to your boat deck or other surface with Bullet Liner’s grip-tight texture for secure footing or grasping, no matter how rough the water.

Find a Bullet Liner dealer near you.

Trust an authorized Bullet Liner dealer to apply our best-in-class coatings for the best protection, period.

The best boat and watercraft protection, everywhere.

Bullet Liner’s superior adhesion means a water-tight, non-slip layer of protection on any surface, including: