Spray On Polyurea Mining Coating & Protection

Protect your Mining Equipment.

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Nothing can take you down.

Your mining equipment and vehicles are subjected to some of the harshest and most abrasive above – and below-ground conditions in the world, causing significant wear and tear on your investments. Bullet Liner polyurea coatings protect your essential mining equipment and vehicles while improving safety for your workers, increasing productivity, and reducing long-term costs.

The best protection for the stuff that matters.

Extend the life of your equipment

Bullet Liner polyurea coating provides superior protection against wear and tear, preventing damage from abrasion, impact, and chemical exposure, keeping your mining equipment and vehicles in action longer.

Stand up to harsh conditions

Bullet Liner polyurea coatings create superior resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and chemical exposure, making them ideal for use in harsh mining environments.

Reduce maintenance costs

By shielding against damage and corrosion, Bullet Liner coatings can help reduce maintenance, repair, and replacement costs for mining equipment and vehicles.

Stop water damage

Bullet Liner polyurea coatings provide a seamless, impermeable membrane that protects tunnels, dams, and other structures from water damage, erosion, corrosion, cracks and leaks.

Improve safety

Create a non-slip surface on mining equipment and vehicles, reducing the risk of slips, falls, and other dangerous workplace accidents.

Enhance productivity

Reduce downtime and boost equipment availability with less frequent maintenance and repairs.

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The best mining equipment protection, everywhere

Bullet Liner’s superior adhesion means a water-tight seal on any surface, including: