Bullet Liner Quality Protective Polyurethane Spray Expands Brand Offering to Russia

Bullet Liner International is on the move! Our brand of superior polyurethane coating is protecting truck, automotive vehicles and other valuables for customers in all corners of the globe from Eastern and Western Europe and Asia, to the Americas. Bullet Liner, the original polyurea bedliner technology pioneer, is proud to say that our expansion continues, as new resellers and applicators discover the many benefits of our proprietary state of the art technology.

We are happy to announce that Baltic Bullet Liner, LTD from Latvia, a major distributor which includes the Russian market, has appointed their first official dealer in Russia’s Central region as respected business owner Andrey Kulibin and his company, “Bulletliner.club” joins our growing network of applicators.

Andrey and his team have established a strong position in the Russian polyurethane coating market with a thriving client base, which has developed over the past six years in the Moscow region. In seeking to improve their operations and quality of product, they recently aligned their shop with the new name and brand. Their reputation for delivering a quality product with outstanding application service and attention to detail, which has spread throughout the area, should also grow stronger with the premium Bullet Liner branding.

Through our new alliance with Bulletliner.club, Bullet Liner International is excited to expand into Central Russia, which marks an important geographic extension for our brand.

Regarding the growth of his truck and automotive spray-on elastomer business, Bulletliner.club owner Andrey Kulibin explains: “We believe that a car reflects the character and personality of its owner – emphasizes his or her uniqueness and can tell a great deal about someone. We hope that by helping automotive owners expand the personality and uniqueness of their prized vehicles, while also enhancing value, durability and long-term ownership, the Bullet Liner brand can accentuate the experiences of the automotive enthusiasts to the fullest!”

Andrey also has plans for Bulletliner.Club to introduce new ways to meet clients’ most specialized and demanding needs outside of the workshop. He is pleased to be in the process of creating and developing a full service mobile polyurethane application team, to aid customers on-site at their homes or places of business, without being reliant on visiting his spray shop location, if they prefer an application service location of their own choosing.

On behalf of all of us at Bullet Liner International, we welcome Andrey and his team to the Bullet Liner brand and wish him all the best with this latest venture. We are excited to watch his business grow and know that he will continue to be well-received in the marketplace – making a distinctive mark on the local protective spray coating industry.

Adds Andrey: “Protecting cars and making them look great has become a passion for Bulletliner.club. We’re proud to say that ‘We Make Cars New!’ For us, It’s not just a slogan, it’s a lifestyle and core activity – and what we do best!”

Please stop by and visit Bulletliner.club at:

Novyy Poselok 9
Moskovskaya Oblast
Russia 143421
Andrey Kulibin