Bullet Liner™ India Takes the Spotlight

Bullet Liner™ India, which forged operations in the region over this past year, continues to make strong in-roads into the marketplace—establishing a resounding reputation across industrial sectors for our signature polyurea protective coating.  Bullet Liner is the premier worldwide provider of elastomer “no scratch, no ding” spray-on sealant.  Having literally pioneered the industry three decades ago as Burtin Polymer Labs, the company laid the foundation for a burgeoning technical category that has been adopted in all corners of the globe.

Bullet Liner offers a durable, scuff-resistant heavy tensile strength protective coating to effectively safeguard everything from autos, trucks, cargo vans and flatbeds to industrial storage containers and commercial utility equipment.  Billed as the only true High Calibre Protection on the market, Bullet Liner is helping customers to save money and increase the value of their investment in a range of physical assets essential for business success.

The India marketplace is no exception.  Bullet Liner technology has been embraced by the automotive industry—and this year, the brand garnered impressive coverage on local television.  Two recent broadcast stories feature Bullet Liner sealant and demonstrate how our product helps save vehicles and other equipment and surfaces from dents and scratches.  For automotive applications, Bullet Liner not only protects against abrasions incurred on the road from debris and other wear-and-tear, but also offers a safeguard against extreme weathering and the effects of sun exposure.  Bullet Liner provides colour-fade resistance, extending both the appearance and longevity of investments.  For automotive, truck and cargo van delivery operators, Bullet Liner’s surface “grip” technology also provides extra protection and safe handling for workers loading and unloading cargo materials, which can easily shift during transport.

Additionally, the recent broadcast coverage also highlights the many other industries where Bullet Liner protective coating and spray on sealant can also be used.  Applications discussed include marine turbines and safety products like helmets and flooring for the construction space.

For more information about Bullet Liner technology availability in the India market, and for potential applicators who might be interested in becoming an operator in the lucrative polyurethane coatings space and helping growing our global network in this region, please contact Vakul at +91 9574550119 or vajrashields@gmail.com email.

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