Bullet Liner International Extends Operations to Latin America

Bullet Liner, a technology which was pioneered in the U.S. nearly 30 years ago and that launched in Europe earlier this year, is pleased to announce that its operations and brand footprint have now extended to the Latin America marketplace. Specifically, Bullet Liner International has forged a strategic partnership with tactical arms developer/provider VSK Brasil. VSK, which is deeply immersed in tactical preparedness to support military, security, law enforcement and other government sectors, is an ideal partner to serve as the new Master Distributor for Bullet Liner in the Brazilian region.

Bullet Liner officially unveiled operations in Brazil at last week’s 2nd International Congress on Mining Countermeasures, organized by the Brazilian Navy, November 5-7th, in Salvador City, Bahia State. The launch marks the brand’s first foray outside of the U.S and European markets. The many opportunities for Bullet Liner expansion—presented by the security and tactical industry in Brazil and made possible through VSK’s integration with the Brazilian Navy and other military and law enforcement channels—are ideal for the brand’s high-caliber protective coatings technology.

Bullet Liner, which originated as a protective coating for pick-up truck bed liners, has grown to become the premier spray on elastomer sealant provider in the industry, but the product’s roots lead back to the inception of polyurea spray on protection. The brand was founded by Claude Burtin, of Burtin Polymer Labs, the entity that invented, then pioneered the spray on truck bed industry. Today, Bullet Liner’s polyurea “shield” is impervious to road damage from debris and extreme weathering, and provides a heavy-duty protectant for both the exterior and interior of high performance autos, trucks, Jeeps, hummers and ATVs, and as well, armored vehicles and commercial/industrial grade equipment. Bullet Liner has been successfully used by the U.S. Military to provide an added layer of protection for field and combat vehicles.

The Bullet Liner technology also performs under extreme temperature fluctuations, helping to preserve the integrity and value of vehicles working under the most rugged conditions, in industries such as mining, military preparedness, construction and more.

“Bullet Liner International is excited to expand operations into Latin America with a premier, marquee Master Distributor partner such as VSK Brazil,” said Grzegorz Harsze, Sales Director for Bullet Liner International. “They will assist us in building out a viable marketplace in this region—a territory that we believe will be rife with opportunities to for new, interested dealer-applicators.”

The Bullet Liner brand was well-received at the 2nd International Congress on Mining Countermeasures conference, where industry was introduced to the many applications—both tactical and commercial—for the technology.

“We are very excited about the possibilities that Bullet Liner technology offers us, especially in the defense and public safety industries.” noted Marcellus Ferreira Pinto, CEO of VSK and Bullet Liner Brasil. “As a member of ABIMDE – Brazilian Association of Defense Materials Industries, VSK BRASIL is convinced that it will decisively contribute to the brand’s expansion in Latin American markets.”

For more information on the Bullet Liner brand, technology formulation, and many market applications, please visit www.BulletLinerIntl.com or contact Bullet Liner in Brazil to explore opportunities for potential dealer-applicator candidacy.

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