Bullet Liner Will Help You Get Ready For Summertime Fun

Spring is here—and it’s that time of the year to dust the cold weather off your favorite recreational vehicle, equipment and gear.  If you’re an off-road 4×4 enthusiast, the trails will be getting populated soon and great seasonal weather is on the horizon.  If you’re into dirt biking, it’s time to prepare your ride to hit the mountains or desert flats and get the bed of your pick-up truck ready for action.  If you’re an equestrian fan, while winter competitions may be ending soon, you’ll want to ensure your horse trailer stays primed for rodeo trials and post-season competition.  And if you’re simply a family that owns an RV and loves to hit the open highway and explore, there’s no better time to ensure that your “road hotel” is all set to take on America.

Whichever type of gear you’re getting ready to haul, pull, or tow and whatever vehicle happens to be your particular jam, Bullet Liner is ready to help.  The tough weather months that we’ve just come through are winding down.  Weather extremes often send off-road trucks, ATVs, bikes and trailers into hibernation for the winter and, due to their size, they’re naturally difficult to stow away in a garage or covered area.  Unless you have a ready-made port on your property, it’s likely that your favorite recreational toy has spent the past weeks and months lying dormant outside, while braving the elements.

Bullet Liner’s High Caliber Protection has the answer.  Not just for truck beds, Bullet Liner’s premier elastomer sealant keeps your vehicle and other mobile equipment investments (anything from surfboards to Jet Skis to motorbikes) safely protected from all weather extremes—in every season.  This certainly goes for the winter months, but also for those roasting hot summer months that are right around the corner.

Temperature highs can result in your vehicle and gear literally baking for hours in the blistering sun, which would otherwise typically start to fade a great looking paint job.  Our Bullet Liner spray-on protective coating helps bright colors stay more vibrant and rich—while also extending the life of your vehicle and ensuring a solid resale value if you choose to sell.

ATVs, Pick-up Trucks & Dirt Bikes

Bullet Liner’s high-tensile strength spray-on truck bedliner can also help mitigate scrapes, scratches and minor dents and dings.  In addition to being used on the exterior body, Bullet Liner coating also protects fenders, wheel wells, and flooring from scuffs – creating a “shield” for your favorite wheels, from head to toe.  Out on the ATV trail, you know that your vehicle can take a beating—from the elements to flying debris—and our heavy-duty sealant helps keep your ride looking like new, even after a tough bout off-road.


Whether you’re hauling horses or gear, Bullet Liner can help ease your journey—knowing that you’re also adding useful safety benefits.  Since Bullet Liner can be applied to almost any finish, it provides a high-grip result that can aid in more secure footing— and keep your cargo from sliding around during transit.  Turns, steep hills or quick stops can often topple equipment without the proper protection.  After all, no trailer owner wants to open their rear door only to find their belongings either falling out or in complete disarray.  Bullet Liner changes this equation by helping to secure items in transit for safer loading and unloading.  Our polyurea coating works even when flooring is wet and prevents an unwanted slippery surface

Cars & RVs

Even if your joyriding tastes are more conservative, and you prefer to take it all in from the main highway, the hotter summer temperatures in most parts of the US can be brutal.  Even if your car, truck or RV isn’t facing punishing debris out on the trail, paint surfaces can still denigrate while baking in the hot sun.  Vehicle owners in the Southwestern US are even more at risk for premature vehicle aging, as temperatures frequently soar about 100 degrees in the toastiest months.  Bullet Liner’s advanced unique color-matching technology can easily pair with any truck, bike, Jeep or trailer’s specific color palette.  And most important, Bullet Liner won’t ever crack, fade, peel or bubble—period!

Now is the time to look into the best ways to protect your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, before the hotter days are in full swing.  Regardless of your lifestyle choices, Bullet Liner’s premium elastomer coating has a technology solution that’s right for you.  Our highly trained custom-coating spray specialists can make your car, truck, van, motorcycle or RV look like new and help add years to your vehicle’s lifecycle and overall longevity.

For more information, please visit the Applications section of our website at BulletLiner.com to learn more about the spray sealant options that are best for your needs.

Team Bullet Liner