Bullet Liner RPM Protective Coating System

Specially formulated for your fleet.

Bullet Liner RPM is a permanent, spray-on protective coating, specially engineered for high-contact and corrosion-susceptible vehicle surfaces. Ideal for fleet and high-volume use settings, Bullet Liner RPM is expertly applied by highly trained technicians for the toughest protection in the business.

High-Caliber Protection for the life of your fleet.

Make protection permanent

Bullet Liner’s RPM product protects from impacts, abrasion, and corrosion, minimizing costly repairs and eliminating downtime.

Protect important cargo

RPM’s textured non-slip surface helps keep cargo from shifting and guards your vehicles and cargo from costly damage.

Armor against the elements

Our RPM coating protects vehicle surfaces from corrosive and hazardous materials, as well as rust, extreme weather, and UV exposure.

Enhance safety

Bullet Liner’s RPM product creates a non-slip layer on floors, ramps, and more to improve footing during loading and unloading and prevent dangerous injuries.

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The ultimate defense for fleets of all sizes.

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