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Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021

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In many parts of the U.S., it’s been a cold winter.  If you happen to be a boat owner—depending on what part of the country you reside in—while you’ve been hunkered down and trying to stay warm, your prized marine vessel has likely been covered up and waiting out the season in dry dock.  But as we near the spring months, temperatures will quickly start to warm—and the cooler weather will begin to wane.  If you’re a mariner, then you know it’s time to start looking toward the day you’ll launch your boat and hit the open water.  The close of the winter season is a great time to prepare for the upcoming recreational boating season.

Anyone who is a serious aficionado of the boating lifestyle knows that it is most definitely not an inexpensive pastime.  Whether you own a dinghy, motorboat, sailboat, or a luxury yacht, the constant upkeep required—and never-ending money you’ll need to siphon into your passion—is no small commitment.  From readying key equipment for seasonal use to ensuring that your boat exterior remains in top condition, you’ll need to dedicate time and resources to protect your investment.

Aside from technical maintenance and a concern for the obvious operational safety issues, probably the number one task at hand heading into boating season is to make sure your vessel is cleaned and looking sharp.  Unless your entire boat deck has been covered throughout the winter months (which is unlikely for anything larger than a fairly small vessel), the days spent weathering the climate and baking in the sun (despite the chilly temperatures) can do a number on your paint job and external trimmings.  This is where Bullet Liner’s premium protective sealant can really assist.

Bullet Liner is the industry’s leading elastomer coating.  The technology, which literally led and pioneered the spray-on sealant marketplace with the creation of its polyurea coating over 30 years ago, offers a durable and affordable way to guard against outer surface damage to your boat.  Bullet Liner offers an all-in-one solution that, when properly applied, delivers a high-caliber, heavy-duty tensile strength shield for a variety of exposed and weather-prone exteriors.

Bullet Liner was first developed as a “bed liner” technology for pick-up trucks—to provide a scratch-resistant coating to protect against road debris, dents, dings, and cargo movement.  The industry grew from that initial application to include a Bullet Liner premium sealant available for use across North America on a variety of surfaces.  For the car and truck space, Bullet Liner can be applied to any exterior area vulnerable to denigration—including wheel wells, bumpers, running boards, spare tire covers, vehicle hoods, trunks, and more.  Our protective coating can also be applied inside vehicles to protect floors, seating areas, dashboards, glove compartments, and even steering wheels.  The technology is particularly useful for off-road vehicles (ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, motorbikes, and more), where flying mud and rocks can quickly damage a variety of vehicle surfaces—affecting both operations and the physical appearance of your most prized recreational investments.

The same applies for boat exteriors—Bullet Liner provides a protective coating designed to keep your boat looking polished and free from scuffs and dents, to protect against damage from dropped or moved objects and equipment on the boat’s deck, or prevent abrasion from dock contact.  Additionally, Bullet Liner provides a “no-slip grip” surface coating that makes deck areas measurably safer.  One of the greatest concerns on the open water is that a slippery deck can prompt unsecured items to quickly slide, causing potential loss of inventory or, most importantly, injury to passengers.  If you have family members, children, pets or other boating novices aboard, the incidence for bodily harm increases dramatically with a wet, unstable deck—and Bullet Liner adds one additional measure of protection.

Another critical role that elastomer protective coating can play is in keeping your boat’s bright colors looking brilliant—despite the obvious beating they take from the elements.  Any nautical pro knows that Mother Nature is a formidable foe when it comes to recreational boating.  Even the most pristine paint job is only as good as its ability to withstand the harshest weathering.  Bullet Liner offers excellent UV protection to keep color integrity, and provide a safeguard against rust, moisture/dampness, sunlight, wind and more.  We can color match every palette shade for a customized finish.  If your boat is your pride and joy, make sure that it looks top notch—both while in use on the open water, and in dock.

In addition to offering reliable surface protection—that won’t peel, fade, chip or bubble—for traditional boats, Bullet Liner also can protect your investment in a variety of other marine-related equipment that can take the same beating on the water.  Whether you’re into surfing, paddleboarding, Jet Skiing, water skiing, or other ocean, lake or river-related recreational past times, the same technology solutions are available to keep your investments—and their potential resale value—strong.

Even if you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) and love the thrill of undertaking your own boat renovation, Bullet Liner can complement your independent deck redo project and integrate with your color scheme selection and existing project to spruce up your new or existing purchase—from bow to stern.  Our spray teams utilize top of the market Graco equipment to deliver an affordable, end-to-end coating solution that will enhance both the appearance and functionally of your boat.

For more marine vessel renovation options and to learn more about Bullet Liner solutions for the boating industry, please visit www.BulletLiner.com.


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Bullet Liner™ is excited to announce that the brand has been selected by Graco® as a Top 20 Distributor for North America, based on our total equipment purchases during the year 2020.  Graco® manufactures and markets state-of-the-art spray coating applicator machinery that offers Bullet Liner dealers in the U.S. and Canada the superior performance, control, and accuracy our North American member network depends upon, across our hundreds of operator locations throughout the continent.  As an innovator of spray-on protective technology within the sealant delivery space, Graco® plays a vital role in Bullet Liner’s success in providing the highest possible performance in the spray coatings marketplace.  And, in turn, Bullet Liner is pleased to be recognized by Graco® in two key categories—Protective Coatings Equipment (PCE) and Foam & Polyurea Equipment (FPE).

Bullet Liner technology is rooted in more than three decades of technology leadership and chemical innovation.  The brand made its name in the red-hot protective spray coatings marketplace—having pioneered the truck bedliner category as Burtin Polymer Laboratories nearly 30 years ago.  Bullet Liner technology is known for its heavy duty, high-tensile strength elastomer sealant—designed to protect a variety of physical surfaces ranging from car and truck exteriors and interiors, to commercial/utility equipment, industrial storage tanks, roofing, and even a host of personal household items (tools, sporting gear, audio boxes, and more).  Bullet Liner uses state-of-the-art Graco® technology that enables applicators to apply our premier protective coating with ease.  Graco® offers the engineering, technology, warranty, and technical support that enables Bullet Liner to seamlessly coat and protect our customers’ most valuable physical assets.

Graco® offers industry-leading polyurea equipment and the company’s complete line of Reactor spray foam and polyurea machines are ideal for Bullet Liner protective coating application—delivering unmatched spray performance.  Using Graco® technology, Bullet Liner provides scratch-resistance and a layer of industrial grade sealant that ensures valuable surfaces won’t crack, bubble, fade, or peel.  Our sealant is both durable and impervious to weathering extremes.  Bullet Liner coating also mitigates dings, dents, and abrasions delivered through construction vehicle and Off-Road ATV/UTV wear-and-tear on the road, in the hot sun, or on a rigorous job site that can deliver regular damage to equipment surface exteriors.

Our product of choice is the Graco® Reactor E-XP2.  This machine is a workhorse that is integral to any Bullet Liner dealer’s success.  Not only will this technology help operators and spray professionals to more accurately monitor product consumption with a series of unique utility features, but it will also enable dealers to better calculate and take control of product usage to maximize return on costs.

Thank you to Graco® for saluting its partnership with Bullet Liner!  The recognition of our brand as a Top 20 Distributor for North America further underscores our commitment to offering the best quality equipment to our dealers for maximum efficiency and high-performance spray coatings. Having access to premium application technology is just one more reason to partner with Bullet Liner, the leading protective sealant manufacturer and supplier for the U.S. and Canadian marketplace.

For more information on the benefits of Graco® technology and the advantages of becoming a member of the Bullet Liner non-franchised dealer network, please visit www.BulletLiner.com.


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Vibrant Colors – they can help bring your most prized physical assets to life and assist in distinguishing and selling your “brand.”  The use of rich, bold shades makes a statement about the various outward-facing, physical investments that represent your organization or livelihood as an independent proprietor.  And, at Bullet Liner, we understand and appreciate the role that rich colors can play when it comes to keeping your gear, vehicles, and equipment looking in top shape.

Our premier elastomer protective coating comes in a variety of existing and customizable color tones—in fact, our certified spray coating dealers across the U.S. and Canada can replicate just about every hue on the color wheel.  We can easily “specialty match” your existing color schemes and PMS collection—whether it’s for a car, truck, trailer, cargo van, motorcycle, RV, off-road ATV, UTV, Jeep, or virtually any other physical surface that you’d like to better preserve.

Bullet Liner technology is recognized as the go-to source across the globe for High Caliber Protection for your most valuable products, vehicles, and equipment exteriors and interiors.  When it comes to providing tough, durable, non-scratch coating, Bullet Liner is the gold standard in the industry.  Our world-class chemists and R&D literally pioneered and built the spray-on sealant category nearly three decades ago.  Since that time, we’ve been proudly helping our customers to maintain their ROI on the products and surfaces that matter most.

Bullet Liner delivers a high-tensile strength sealant that is impervious to typical wear-and-tear on the job.  It helps to mitigate the type of easily sustained damage that can quickly denigrate the value of vehicles, commercial machinery, and even industrial vessels such as chemical and water storage tank exteriors.  In cars and trucks of all sizes, flying roadside debris such as mud and rocks can scuff, dent and ding vehicle exteriors and can readily affect the overall positive appearance of your investment—and reduce potential resale opportunities.

But Bullet Liner coatings also play an absolutely integral role in color preservation. Our elastomer formulation won’t fade, crack, or peel—period! Additionally, Bullet Liner offers UV protection to ensure that spray coated vehicle surfaces that bake in the hot sun won’t lose their color brilliance—regardless of the heat intensity.  Alternately, surfaces coated with our elastomer sealant won’t lose their color luster in the face of extreme cold or sub-zero temperatures.

Bullet Liner spray coating is color-safe and bleed-safe, and it has been tested in rigorous laboratory conditions to ensure its resilience.  We subject our formulations to the toughest conditions—in varying heat, cold, humidity, moisture, and dryness environmental recreations—to make certain our color applications can withstand substantial abuse.  Time after time, Bullet Liner colors have stood up to the elements.  We believe it’s important that your vehicle or machinery maintains a uniform tone across all exterior exposed surfaces…from the wheel well, to the fender, to the bumper, to the truck bed.

Why is this important?  A vehicle’s appearance can serve as a “moving billboard” for any organization’s brand.  A positive appearance can enhance the opportunity to sell your products or services, but a negative exterior look (with chipping, bubbling, or faded color) can actually detract from your reputation.  This is especially true for companies or individuals whose livelihood depends on the quality and sophistication of transportation equipment.  For example, a vehicle fleet must be kept in top shape to attract new business and grow its customer base.  Bullet Liner can be an indelible partner for companies working in this sector because it provides a cost-effective technology solution that extends the life cycle of exterior surfaces across—not just months—but years, following initial application.

For details on Bullet Liner technology and available solutions to protect a host of personal, commercial and industrial products and equipment from water, rust, corrosion, road debris, chemicals and environmental damage—while also keeping colors as sharp and bright as the day they’re applied—visit us at www.BulletLiner.com.


Looking Back on a Banner Year for Bullet Liner

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Bullet Liner—a top North American manufacturer and marketer of protective spray-on coatings for the pick-up truck, automotive, off-road/recreational vehicle, and commercial equipment fields—has continued to expand as a leading player in the profitable elastomer sealant space.  Following a series of successful growth initiatives this past year, Bullet Liner added new dealers to its North American network throughout 2020—increasing the size of its non-franchised member base and its volume of business.

Rooted in a heritage of ingenuity that goes back 30+ years, Bullet Liner was originally founded by Burtin Polymer Labs—the team that pioneered and established the entire spray-on bedliner and polyurea coatings industry.  Following its acquisition in late 2015 by Accella Performance Materials, the leading independent polyurethane systems house in North America, and then in 2017 by global multi-national corporation and technology giant Carlisle Companies, Bullet Liner’s product development team gained access to the world’s top polymer technology chemists and scientific talent arsenal.  Today, the company infuses 4th generation innovation and extensive R&D to create the most durable, premium protective coating available anywhere on the market.

According to Bullet Liner’s leadership team, the brand experienced strong expansion domestically throughout 2020.  Current and new dealer operators alike embraced the company’s ‘Un’ Franchised Dealer Alternative model and recognized the positive growth and revenue opportunities offered by the red-hot elastomer protective coatings marketplace.

Bullet Liner dealers typically come from a variety of backgrounds—most prominently from the automotive aftermarket, reseller or mechanic fields.  Many also stem from the off-road and motorcycle enthusiast communities, as well as from the commercial-utility space—and a number of dealers are ex-military.

The most important quality in new Bullet Liner dealers is their entrepreneurial spirit and know-how—along with the ability to build and manage their own independent shop.  Aspiring operator candidates are also encouraged to expand or adapt their existing automotive or pick-up truck maintenance business—to extend their revenue line with the addition of Bullet Liner spray services.

Bullet Liner provides new shop operators with all of the necessary training, education, and infrastructure support to make starting up a new Bullet Liner non-franchised shop easy.  Bullet Liner is also pleased to provide lead generation support to help our dealer entrepreneurs to establish and grow a flourishing new business “pipeline”—set-up to attract customer demand.

When new dealers sign on to become a part of the global Bullet Liner network, they enjoy the benefits of a unique retail opportunity in a rapidly accelerating industry space—free from the shackles of traditional franchised ownership.  Growth opportunities for dedicated high performers are typically commensurate with the general expansion of the Bullet Liner brand in markets around the country and the globe.  As part of the Bullet Liner relationship, new dealers receive a strong return on investment on their product purchase and operation costs, along with certified technical support.

On the customer experience side, Bullet Liner end users have discovered why the brand’s elastomer spray-on coating delivers the highest performance in the category.  It comes as no surprise that dealers and customers alike have all been pleased with the technology’s quality, consistency, and durability.  The brand’s technical applications include everything from automotive and pick-up truck exterior surfaces (including bedliners, wheel wells, bumpers, fenders, and more), transportation and utility applications (for cargo van fleets, semi-trucks, and commercial machinery and equipment), and even marine vessel exteriors and boat decks.

Virtually any surface or physical asset that is vulnerable to wear and tear, abrasion, stress from road debris or extreme heat or weathering conditions can benefit from a coating of Bullet Liner.  The technology also has extensive applications for personal, household, and recreational use—protecting items such as toolboxes, skateboard, surfboards, snowboards, work boots, play equipment, yard furniture, RVs, ATV/UTVs, dirt bikes, and more.  Bullet Liner’s high-tensile strength material is impervious to dents, scratches, and dings and provides a permanent layer of protection that is hassle-free and easy to maintain.  Additionally, Bullet Liner comes in a variety of colors designed to match existing paint jobs and surfaces, and it won’t fade, crack, or peel—even when baking in sunlight or enduring cold temperatures.

Learn more about opportunities to join our Bullet Liner North American family as a new dealer member here—and discover how Bullet Liner technology can safeguard and protect valuable investments.  Check out a future with Bullet Liner and take the first step to “becoming your own boss” today in the lucrative protective coatings field.

Protecting Valuable Physical Assets during Seasonal Weather Changes

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As we near the end of the year, cold weather has already arrived in many parts of the U.S. and North America—and the heavier winter months are just around the corner. As the cool air descends upon us, now is an ideal time to take stock of your most important physical assets—and especially your vehicles—and check to see how prepared they are to handle the inclement weather. Wind, sleet, rain and even snow—with non-stop days of continued wetter climate—can take a toll on vehicle and pick-up truck exteriors, fenders, wheel wells, bumpers rocker panels and more. Whether you operate your vehicle for recreational use, run a sole proprietor transportation business, drive a tractor for a privately owned farm, or own a series of commercial vehicles, your investment—and even your livelihood—can depend on making sound decisions when it comes to safeguarding your essential equipment during the colder months.

Did you know? Vehicles, trucks and other equipment can age prematurely from repeated poor weather exposure. The same is true and applies to ANY seasonal changes. Above average hot weather temperatures come summertime are no exception. The damage to valuable equipment from literally “baking” in extreme heat over long periods of time can be deleterious to traditional exterior paint jobs and cause metal surfaces and flatbeds to literally degrade, if not properly prepared. But the harsh winter elements can be particularly hard on equipment surfaces of all types. Ideally, equipment should be stored in indoor garages or storage facilities or under covered awnings throughout the winter season. This is especially true in regions of the northern U.S. that experience less forgiving cold weather temperatures.

But during the winter season, and year-round, Bullet Liner technology can serve as an invaluable “companion” for pick-up truck, car, vehicle and fleet operators looking to protect their investment. Bullet Liner offers the industry’s most trusted “high caliber” protective spray on coating. Our elastomer sealant is durable and scratch and scuff-resistant to keep surface exteriors in top shape all through the cold season. Additional benefits include:

  • Bullet Liner offers UV and color protection to keep surface colors bright and vibrant despite temperature extremes.
  • Our heavy-duty, tensile strength coating is impervious to dings from mud, rocks, ice and other flying debris that can result from more treacherous winter road conditions.
  • Bullet Liner’s premium elastomer protection doesn’t peel, bubble or crack—even in heavy rain or other formidable types of climate (including alternate hot temperature extremes, depending on your locale).
  • Extra protection of your assets equals higher value and ROI on your equipment (better preserving their longevity and generating stronger resale value if you choose to liquidate).

Especially if your pick-up truck, car or cargo van IS your brand, you’ll want to keep it in top physical shape this winter—not just to ensure operability, but to maintain an appearance that will still be sharp and polished come spring season for your customer prospects.

Also, for general safety and smoother operability this winter, don’t forget to remove batteries from dormant equipment; lower/detach machinery parts (hydraulic cylinders, hoses, guards, etc.) from heavy equipment that will be “sitting” outside; and begin winter preparations long before the most brutal weather truly sets in. A few advance precautions can keep valuable equity in your pocket all winter long. Whether you operate a cargo van or utility truck, or run a vehicle fleet—or even if you oversee a large stock of commercial equipment that remains exposed year-round—it’s time to take stock in your preparedness to protect your valuable equipment.

To learn more about weatherizing your work-related inventory and your personal assets with Bullet Liner premium elastomer coating technology, please check out more information and tips at www.BulletLiner.com.

Bullet Liner Fans Are Now Welcome to Shop Anytime at the All NEW Bullet Liner Online Merchandise Store

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Bullet Liner has unveiled its all-new Online Merchandise Store—which is now also open, for the first time, to the general public.  Due to popular demand and consumer interest in the Bullet Liner brand, everyone can now conveniently shop for branded promotional supplies and gear—everything from hats, t-shirts, jackets, koozies and more.  When it comes to cool marketing items to show off your Bullet Liner pride, we’ve got you covered!

Now Live at www.BulletLinerStore.com, visit us to rev up your shop, truck, car, bike or home—and spread the word about Bullet Liner’s high-caliber technology and exceptional quality.

For Dealers:  The Bullet Liner Online Merchandise Store will continue to provide the same value to our U.S. dealers and European and international resellers and applicators looking to attract more customers and generate more worldwide exposure and momentum for the Bullet Liner brand—in and out of their retail/service experience.  Whether its marketing items (such as collateral, counter mats, warranty tags, in-store giveaways and more), sales gear or other integrated promotional tools for general brand awareness, our e-store offers full-service support and fulfillment on a global level.  (Please visit our online store for shipping and delivery logistics and details.)

For Consumers:  Now, our valued Bullet Liner fans can enjoy the same online shopping access and privileges as our dealer/applicator network to obtain a variety of branded swag with an easy, one-stop online shopping experience.  Fulfillment is simple, affordable and fast—and Bullet Liner swag makes great gifts and offers cool decor to help trick out your truck, off-road vehicle, Jeep, work shed and more.

Bullet Liner’s virtual store is a testament to how quickly the brand’s popularity and following has grown on a domestic and international level. There’s a reason why our high tensile strength finish offers the most chip proof and ding, scuff and scratch resistant finish in the industry, along with the best, “no fade” UV color matching and protection available.  If your vehicle or equipment takes an extra tough beating either on the road, on the job or at home, Bullet Liner has you covered in every sense.  Established in 2010 but built on a three-decade plus heritage as the pioneer and leader within the truck bed liner industry, Bullet Liner is one of the fastest growing global networks in the spray-on protective coatings marketplace and is generally regarded as a respected innovator in the space.  Customer service has always been a marquee offering of the brand and the ability to now sell our most desired merchandise, gear and other promotional items direct to the public is just another reason why the Bullet Liner community is becoming bigger than ever.

Please visit us and check out our completely redesigned and expanded Bullet Liner Online Merchandise Store for all the newest Bullet Liner items for you, your friends, your family and your business today. New merchandise will be added to the store periodically. If there is particular inventory you’d like to see online that we don’t currently have available or stock, please make sure to let us know and we’ll be happy to try to accommodate your request. New merchandise will be added to the store periodically.

The Bullet Liner Team


Accella Bullet Liner™, Developer of the Industry’s Toughest Spray-on Sealant for Trucks, Industrial Equipment and Commercial Vehicles, Launches International Operations

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ST. LOUIS, MO —May 1, 2019— Market-leading Accella Bullet Liner™ manufactures and markets an impenetrable, elastomer spray-on coating system that has become the industry’s “Gold Standard” for all types of vehicles and product applications to maintain the surface life and durability of valuable equipment.  The company, which specializes in applications for trucks, vans, construction vehicles, mining equipment, and other industrial transportation systems, has up until this point offered its premium polyurea protectant only in the U.S. and Canadian markets.  Bullet Liner today announced that it will extend operations to Europe, under the direction of new European Sales Manager Intellathane/Bullet Liner Europe and protective coatings industry veteran, Grzegorz Harsze.

Under Harsze’s leadership, Bullet Liner will initially launch in key Western and Eastern European countries and, over the coming months, will also rollout operations in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.  Harsze, who will be based in Western Europe, has nearly 10 years of experience in the polyurethane and polyurea protective coatings field, operating in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Austria, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and other regions.  He has established more than 60 applications and OEMs, and appointed master sealant applicators across Europe.  His deep expertise in the category and wide multi-national network of connections will serve as the cornerstone of a global sales and marketing initiative for the Bullet Liner brand (also to be sold as Intellathane™ for select regions and applications).  

“Bullet Liner is now poised to take its premiere spray elastomer technology offering to the next level of innovation and adoption,” said Grzegorz Harsze, new European Sales Manager Intellathane/Bullet Liner.  “Our durable, consistent and competitively priced elastomer coating technology is second to none in the industry.  As we introduce our products to a new generation of customers and new international products, we are confident that the industry will understand why our patented polyurea coating delivers the highest caliber protection on the market.  I’m pleased to be on-board and excited about the future for the Bullet Liner brand.”

The Bullet Liner™ Product

Any industrial and commercial environment that requires heavy-duty vehicles or equipment is dramatically better suited for safety and performance when Bullet Liner is on the job.  Bullet Liner’s technologically advanced polyurea coating protects surface exteriors from premature deterioration in the most extreme temperatures and harshest weather conditions.  Time after time, “Bullet Lined”-vehicles emerge scratch, scuff and puncture free.  The technology offers:

• A tough, but attractive, polyurea finish that provides an almost indestructible barrier;
• A scientifically advanced, non-fade color matching for a great factory installed look;
• A high tensile strength material that provides a superior layer of protection, which can add years to vehicle life and enhance resale value; and
• Superior coverage for ancillary vehicle areas like wheels, fenders, running boards, bumpers, light bars, truck beds, and more.

With Bullet Liner, operators can help to better protect their people, products and vehicle investment from costly exterior damage and manpower downtime.  Because it’s especially favorable in wet conditions, Bullet Liner helps to keep cargo and supplies from sliding around – and off – the back of fleet and utility trucks, creating a more secure handling situation for operators and loaders.
A Technology Heritage
Bullet Liner, which was acquired in 2015 by Accella Performance Materials’ Polyurethane Systems Division, the leading independent polyurethane systems house in North America, leverages a technology foundation that has been decades in the making.  Rooted in a heritage of ingenuity that goes back over 30 years, Bullet Liner was originally founded by Burtin Polymer Labs—the team that started the entire spray-on bed liner industry.  Today, the company infuses 4th generation innovation and extensive R&D to create the most durable polyurea protectant available anywhere on the market.  As part of the Accella and Carlisle Companies family of brands, Bullet Liner has access to advanced chemistry delivered by some of the world’s leading polymer product scientists.
The brand is now poised to service a global market where its industrial strength coating will have massive application for any number of industrial vehicles and products (including transportation equipment and other devices for the mining, agricultural, waste management and construction industries), as well as trailers, vans, valuable tools, storage systems, and other commercial/utility items which would benefit from a highly durable exterior coating to reduce wear and tear and preserve their life cycle.
Additional Bullet Liner™ Applications
While the Bullet Liner product is most applicable to transportation vehicles and industrial equipment, the potential uses for the product are virtually endless.  In the construction industry, Bullet Liner’s spray-on coating is also perfect for decks, foundations, retaining walls and roofs. Bullet Liner can be used in industrial applications including secondary containment, water tanks, pipe lining, outdoor ponds, tanks, etc. Also, from hauling tack for horses, lumber, tools and gear for a contracting job to off-roading in tough terrain for serious ATV enthusiasts, Bullet Liner adds to any vehicle or device owner’s pride in their purchase.  Additionally, Bullet Liner creates a finish that provides footing safety even on wet surfaces, making it also ideal for marine equipment and boat decks.  The product’s color matching capabilities and advanced UV protectant keep watercraft looking beautiful with no discoloring or fading—even after months and years of baking in the sun.
Customer Service Ethos  
The Bullet Liner brand is also known across the protective spray-on coatings industry for its strong customer service ethos.  With Bullet Liner, the investment customers make in coating their transportation vehicles and industrial equipment with a certified Bullet Liner dealer across the globe will be fully supported to deliver the highest satisfaction levels.  Every Bullet Liner purchase guarantees superior protection and the assurance that Bullet Liner will not flake, bubble or crack. 
For more information on the product or to inquire about becoming a dealer in Europe, North America or another international market, please visit www.BulletLiner.com.

Avoid “Franchise Pitfalls” with the Un-Franchised Alternative

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of independent business ownership.  Building your own empire, no matter what size, and operating on your timetable—and according to your own management philosophy—can be a game changer for livelihood fulfillment and overall life satisfaction.  And if you 1) have an interest in the automotive aftermarket, 2) already own an indy auto or pickup truck dealership, 3) happen to have a know-how for mom and pop retail, or 4) even if you’re ex-military and looking for a fresh start and new career, becoming a certified bedliner spray owner-operator may be right up your alley.  Learning to apply our Bullet Liner™ award-winning protective elastomer sealant is a highly marketable skill, not to mention the fact that the spray-on bedliner category is currently red hot for both consumers and potential new business operators.

But before you hang out your new shingle and start your own spray on coating business, the team here would like to direct your attention to the single MOST important question you’ll first want to consider:  To franchise or not to franchise?

At Bullet Liner, one of the hallmarks of our brand is the fact that we are not franchised.  That’s right!  Since day one, we have been proud to be the market’s only “Un Franchised” Alternative.  And we believe that there are a number of advantages to steering clear of traditional franchise networks.

According to Forbes magazine, here are a few of the main watch outs:

  • Traditional franchise networks are known for passing along “hidden fees” to their members (whether they be additional start-up or entry costs, or fees for marketing and sales training).
  • Typical large franchisers often promise lofty “average earnings” (it’s important to note that success always varies on the skill set and resources of individual operators – often while revenue costs may be high, corresponding expensesmay be as well, which is why it’s critical to have a candid, open assessment before signing up and evaluate medianincome numbers, rather than averages).
  • The presence of stringent rules and, in effect, a strict “boss” (one of the reasons many operators are attracted to the freedom of independent ownership is the opportunity to have a an entrepreneurial career of their own, but many franchisers still operate with a staunch structure that can mimic more traditional employers…and bosses).
  • You’re trapped!  Many typical franchise networks make it very difficult for an operator who is unsatisfied to leave (by providing strict out-clauses and non-competes, and requiring that the member agree to an extreme number of regulations and provisions).

As the pioneer in truck bedliner technology, we truly understand this business and acknowledge that most dealer candidates crave the benefits of independent ownership without the above headaches of a traditional franchise network.

That’s why we’ve built and crafted our member dealer network and program parameters by listening carefully to our dealers—and especially to the needs of new prospects.  We’ve tried to assess what matters to them from a management and fiscal perspective; what makes them tick; and how they measure success.

Overwhelmingly, our dealers want the support structure and lead generation opportunities that come with joining a premier network.  At the same time, they want access to technology they trust and an industry-leading brand with which they can associate their business.  But they also crave the independence and financial liberation to run their business according to their management style and lifestyle needs—without a host of ancillary operating and overhead costs that feed the franchise/franchiser, instead of putting extra earnings directly into their own pocket.  We believe that’s a pretty big consideration when you’re choosing whether a franchised network is right for you.

In addition to the obvious benefit of strong national brand association, we provide our Bullet Liner dealers with the following:

  • A high-tensile, scratch resistance protective spray for vehicles
  • Graco-certified spray equipment
  • Onsite training and certification
  • A personalized retail website
  • Qualified corporate leads and Internet marketing
  • Limited lifetime warranty for customers for as long as they own the vehicle
  • Integrated brand marketing and promotional opportunities to help them build their business

We believe there are numerous upsides to being part of a non-franchised member alliance, but in the end, it’s up to any operator candidate to carefully vet the merits of the network they’re considering.  Here at Bullet Liner, we’re pumped up to be able to offer our rock star dealer prospects the very best of BOTH worlds:  A truly incredible market leading brand and network packed with all of the support benefits that help you achieve the epic success you desire, but we still also ensure that you have the “Freedom to Perform” that attracted you to this exciting line of work in the first place.

We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about all that Bullet Liner has to offer the industry…and your professional future.  Read more here and feel free to connect with our team at any time.  We’d love to hear about your goals and dreams for establishing your very own winning business.

Team Bullet Liner

Panama City Jeep Beach Jam

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Check out our interview with Bullet Liner from Panama City Jeep Beach Jam!

Your Color, Your Choice.

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There are more reasons than we can count for why truck, ATV, Jeep, trailer, RV and boat owners rely on the High Caliber Protection of our proprietary Bullet Liner™ spray on protection.  Our current users know that Bullet Liner’s elastomer coating is ideal for a variety of exterior applications (everything from the front bumper to the rear tailgate) as well as a host of interior uses, but keeping your vehicle or boat’s surface color looking the way it did when your prized purchase first rolled off the showroom floor should definitely top the list.  Yep, we’re talking about protecting your color and also about the availability of multiple customizable shades– but we’re also talking about how you can keep that luster and durability working in full gear throughout the life of your vehicle.

With the summer season here, the outdoor recreation months are at your beck and call.  If you’re reading this, you obviously understand the benefits of protecting your truck or truck bed from hazards like shifting cargo, dirt, rocks, brush and other paint ruining elements.  There may, however, be another side to this story that many aren’t aware.  Those season-long hot days of sizzling sunshine beating down from dawn ‘til dusk have arrived.  We all know the importance of protecting our skin with a high UV sunscreen to fight the damage caused by the sun’s intense rays to keep us looking our best, but what about your truck, ATV or RV?

Our truck bed liner spray is perfect for combating the sunrays that your machine bakes in, day in and day out while you play.  And, Bullet Liner can definitely help to keep your vehicle safe from the thermal damage that causes unwanted bubbles or peel your exteriors.

But before you ‘hammer down’ and hit the road, you may also want to consider the importance of keeping your best ride looking as prettyas possible out on the highway.  We’re talking about explosive color choices that are sure to turn heads and have all eyes looking in the direction of your one-of-a-kind ride.

It all starts with our Bullet Liner UV color protectant.  The good news for you is that Bullet Liner comes in every color selection imaginable—to replicate and match what’s already on your vehicle, or create a brand new color schematic to give your rig an entirely original look and feel.  Our menu of color options is limitless.  If you’re into military-mean olive green, jet black, rodeo-tough dirt brown, High Sierra sky trail blue or any other color pick on the palette that’s in-between…if you can say it, our dealers can spray it.  Bullet Liner technicians can provide you with a color matching system that lets you mimic, or contract, any hue that revs you up – and it’s all part of our Bullet Liner quality promise.  Not only does our spray on bed liner help to keep selected colors looking vibrant and fresh, but it provides an indelible “sheen” that’s durable and scratch resistant

Our color-safe/bleed-safe truck bed liner spray has been tested in unique laboratory conditions where we subject it to the harshest outdoor weather and temperature extremes (like heat, cold, humidity, moisture, dryness, etc.), but we also ensure that whatever color you choose will endure for the long-term.  Bullet Liner’s high tensile strength material provides a layer of protection that keeps your vehicle looking like the day it popped off the assembly line.

In addition to offering a high luster, our technology is custom formulated with sustainable chemical ingredients (engineered by the science and R&D teams with our parent company Accella) that are fade-resistant and adhere to vehicle contours to create a tight elastomer “locked-in” seal.  Bullet Liner color literally can add years to your vehicle’s exterior surfacing.  (And remember to “Think Outside the Bed™” because Bullet Liner isn’t just for truck beds anymore – we can spray any area that might benefit from the permanent bonding and long lasting protection of our premier polyurea spray—including your interior floors, dashboard, steering wheel…all of which are exposed to indirect sunlight all season long as well.

If you’re looking to spruce up an older existing vehicle with some more contemporary fresh looks, or protect a brand new purchase before it “pressure cooks” out in your driveway, take your pride and joy over to the local Bullet Liner dealer in your area for a new color evaluation.  The team can walk through the many options for ensuring that your exterior is protected from the impact of the summer heat, and help you to make a bold statement at the same time.

And, if you do decide to sport a new color with our Bullet Liner spray on bed liner, please snap a quick pic on your smartphone and share it with us on social using #BulletLiner to let others see how envious your rig looks out on the highway!

Team Bullet Liner