Here Comes the Sun! Are You Weather-Ready?

Did you know that the baking sunlight of early and late summer can take a serious toll on vehicles, commercial gear, tools, and other outdoor equipment facing long hours of exposure during the year’s hottest weather? That’s right. If you want to keep your physical investments looking in pristine shape, consider the reliable, heavy-duty protection offered by polyurea spray-on protective coating.

Bullet Liner, the premier manufacturer of polyurea sealants, pioneered the spray-on truck bedliner and protective coating applications category nearly 30 years ago. Since that time, our applicator-dealers around the globe have been helping commercial and industrial businesses, utility vehicle owners, equipment operators, and even private residents to better protect and preserve the exterior surfaces of their costly physical possessions and assets. Even a quality paint job can denigrate over time when exposed to the blistering heat of the summertime sun. When your expensive equipment sits unprotected for endless hours—all season-long—temperature extremes can wreak havoc on surface exteriors, causing them to peel, bubble, and color-fade.

If you care about the aesthetic looks and visual appeal of your valued possessions, keep them in “factory-quality” condition with Bullet Liner technology. Bullet Liner safeguards your investments against ALL the elements—not just sunlight. It’s highly effective in protecting vehicle exteriors and other hard surfaces against every variety of inclement weather—from the freezing, sub-zero cold temperatures of Alaska to the roasting, sunbaked heat, wind, and desert sandstorms of the American Southwest. Tested against the most extreme, intense climate conditions, Bullet Liner’s protective coating is indestructible! Our formulations help prevent rust, corrosion, scratches, dents, and dings, in addition to warding off damage from unforgiving UV rays.

In the fact, the lifetime warranty that Bullet Liner offers our customers guarantees that the surface coating on your truck bed won’t flake or crack. Period. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty (offered on officially registered product applications from a certified Bullet Liner dealer) on your purchase ensures that Bullet Liner is providing you with the highest quality polyurea spray coating applied by the most skillful, trained technicians in the field. The investment you make in your car, truck, RV, boat or trailer today with a Bullet Liner authorized dealer can save you time and money over the entire course of your investment.

This commitment is largely based on the world-class polyurea science delivered by Bullet Liner’s parent company, Carlisle Polyurethane Systems. Our spray-on elastomer solutions are routinely and extensively tested, and our Bullet Liner technology abides by high-performance standards and durability expectations that don’t disappoint.

While our polyurea coatings are “industrial-grade” and designed to protect commercial equipment, construction supplies, roofing, piping, vehicle exteriors, and even industrial storage containers, they are just as efficient for everyday use on valuable items around the home that are typically housed in an outdoor environment. Whether it’s backyard tools, patio furniture, or outside recreational equipment, Bullet Liner’s sturdy polyurea coatings keep even domestic assets safe from blistering heat and weather exposure.

And if you’re into boating, your favorite marine equipment can also benefit from the use of protective polyurea coatings. Boats and water vessels of all kinds can better withstand summer season use and prolonged sun exposure with the help of our spray-on coatings. Boats and marine gear using Bullet Liner will be more resilient to sun and wind exposure and, following a surface coating application, will also offer the advantage of a grip-tight deck that guards against hazardous slipping—keeping crew members and guests safer on and off the open water.

In addition to offering premium sunlight and weather “fade protection,” Bullet Liner technology also simply helps to increase the value of your long-term equity in your favorite recreation or for work-use vehicles, boat and gear. We believe utilizing our protective coatings offers the best, safest investment you can make to keep your equipment in top physical and aesthetic shape.

Visit to learn more. Embrace those summer months ahead and enjoy your favorite form of outdoor recreation to the fullest!

Team Bullet Liner