Hey Off-Roaders: We’re talking to YOU!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Our premium Bullet Liner™ spray on protective coating is ready made for the ATV, UTV, Jeep, and off-road trail riding lifestyle!  Whether you’re answering the call from Moab or Broken Arrow in the West or Windrock, the Gulches, the Flats or Uwharrie in the East, we get you.  In fact, we had YOU and your vehicle in mind when we finessed our Bullet Liner protective coating formulation to perfection.  That’s because nothing treats, coats, and safeguards off-road vehicles like Bullet Liner.  We know that when you hit the open trail in your prized ride, you’re focused on performance.  You shouldn’t be worried about the potential damage to your new, or vintage, wheels out on the open road.  Leave that part to us.

For the past three decades, Bullet Liner technology has tapped the best that polyurea science has to offer.  We’ve developed the world’s leading “bullet tough” surface coating that protects against dings, scuffs, scratches, and even some dents incurred when Mother Nature doles out punishment on your favorite trail ride.  We’ve also got you literally “covered” in the face of flying rocks, spraying mud, protruding bush branches, and more.

And when it comes to keeping your color hues brilliant and shining—we’ve got that covered too.  Bullet Liner is guaranteed to not crack, peel, fade, bubble, or blister.  Our spray coating specialists can help you to match any custom shade in your color wheelhouse—and we send your vehicle out into the field looking like the day you rolled it off the showroom floor. Our proprietary formulas offer advanced UV protection to ensure that your colors are safeguarded even in the most intense sunlight and hottest temperatures.  That’s the same protection in the late summer heat as in the debilitating cold from the chilly fall and winter months ahead.  So, whether your passion includes the backroads of the Denali wilderness or the sandy dust trails of Baja California, Bullet Liner can suit your trail riding and lifestyle needs.

Bullet Liner technology helps off-road back country Jeep and ATV enthusiasts to get the most out of their experience.  If you’re a pro, you know that there are a few essentials every off-roader should embrace:

  • Check your vehicle performance. Make sure all mechanical aspects of your ride are in top shape: Check engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant, fan belts, hoses, shocks, brake pads, u-bolts, lug bolts, tire pressure, and more before you ever hit the trail.
  • Know where you’re going. Bring maps, compasses, communication devices, GPS/satellite tools, etc.
  • Be prepared with emergency gear in hand. Don’t forget the first aid kit, extra food/water, sunscreen, extra gasoline, a spare tire, tow strap, etc.
  • And last but not least, take care of your fav possession out on the road!  Make sure that your off-road wheels don’t come back damaged, debilitated, and looking like trash after just one ride.  And this is where Bullet Liner comes in….

Our trained and certified spray specialists know that you take to the open trail because you love the exhilaration of the ride…and you also, well, love your actual ride and don’t want to see it torn up sitting out in your driveway when you return.  They’re trained to make sure you extend the longevity and value of your (often hefty) vehicle purchase so you can ensure that your investment and potential resale opportunity stay strong—even after months and years of abuse on the trail.

Let us be your partner and help you keep your favorite pastime in top gear.  Don’t all trail riders just want the best 4-wheel drive experience around?  So be protected out on the trail.  Just click here to find a Bullet Liner dealer in your area.  And if you’re looking for new off-road hot spots this fall in points across the U.S., check out this trail riding guide from Outside magazine online for inspiration.

Enjoy the ride.

Team Bullet