Meet the Desert Cruiser Couple

The wonder of Bullet Liner™ technology is that it makes all forms of outdoor vehicle-based recreation more adaptable, practical, and value-based.  Whether you’re into off-road trail riding in an ATV or Jeep, motorcycle racing over treacherous ground, or equine sports that require highly durable transport vehicles and gear, Bullet Liner has your ride covered.  Our world-class technology delivers an impenetrable premium coating that keeps vehicle exteriors safe from unwanted scuffs, dings, sun damage, trail damage, and more, while increasing the resale value of your investment and making sure it remains resilient and looking sharp.  In a nutshell, Bullet Liner has something for nearly every outdoor enthusiast who cares about the condition of their favorite set of wheels out in the field.

And when it comes to 2023’s hottest off-road pastime—overlanding—there are no exceptions. Bullet Liner is ready-made for individuals, couples and families looking to take their connected-to-nature, outdoor-loving lifestyle on the road 365 days a year.  Becoming increasingly popular over the last half decade, the overlanding trend has been catching even more steam in recent months—as thousands of trail riders and outdoor recreation enthusiasts have discovered the benefits of not only enjoying their pastime on occasion but also making it a full-time way of life.  Overlanders are discovering that custom-built vans and trucks—equipped with creature comforts like stove top cooking, a mini fridge and electronically powered accessories—can make life on the road surprisingly comfortable and sustainable for extended periods.  Those who overland relish the unparalleled freedom of the lifestyle—living off-the-grid and away from the bustle of urban stressors—all the while enjoying unfettered access to gorgeous vistas and a depth of natural terrain that traditional campsites don’t offer.

Bullet Liner offers ideal support for the overlanding vehicle experience—providing a sensible way to keep your prized vehicle safe from road and trail damage that can leave even high-end and expensive vehicles looking less than desirable while also offering an extra measure of durability and resilience.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with power couple Cody and Christina Jutovsky—the self-proclaimed “Desert Cruiser” team that has made overlanding up and down the Western half of the U.S. a favorite pastime…and functional possibility. The Jutovskys are in the final stages of completing their “dream” box truck build—and are readying their plans to hit the road this coming June for the months ahead.  Bullet Liner, which is applying the full exterior coating for their impressive new machine, is excited to be coming along for the ride.

Here is Cody and Christina’s story:

The pair are college sweethearts who have always had heart for the mobile lifestyle.  Cody bought his first van at age 17.  The couple used it for group study time with friends as college singles and now—three years married—for building a life together enjoying the open highway and back country they love.  While they’ve been living in the van since they road tripped to their Utah wedding, Cody and Christina are ready to upgrade their overlanding lifestyle to a 4×4 box truck—replete with all-electric appliances (a stove top range plus oven), a sink with running tap water from a high-volume reserve, two refrigerators, a queen-sized bed, and…wait for it, a built-in shower with HOT running water.  The new custom build will boast 120 square feet of living space, and 3x the amount of water capacity, and 4x the amount of power than their current van set-up.

The new build will also feature Bullet Liner’s exterior coating from head to toe—covering the entire metal box (all areas except the flooring and top roof) in pale military beige. The Bullet Liner coating will safeguard the new “Desert Cruiser” in the rugged Western U.S.—the region where the Jutovskys will call home this summer and beyond.  Bullet Liner coating is impervious to the weather extremes that damage typical vehicle paint jobs.  Our heavy-duty protective coating won’t crack, peel, bubble, or fade.  Period.  With Bullet Liner’s sturdy elastomer sealant, vehicles can bake in the hot summer sun without sustaining color-fading or damage.  Likewise, Bullet Liner is designed to withstand the most intense, below-zero freezing cold temperatures—keeping exterior vehicle colors as bright and robust as the day they roll out of the Bullet Liner custom application shop.

The Juvotskys also note that not only will their new box truck’s exterior look sharp, but the Bullet Liner coating offers additional strength and support to help physically reinforce the metal encasing that will make the couple’s home on the road feasible and safe.  Cody and Christina, 28 and 26 respectively, are also looking to start a family—and the couple wishes to continue to their mobile living once they have children for as long as it’s feasible.  Having a physically safe and secure travel space is essential to their long-term goals.

Why has overlanding attracted so many young families and couples?

The Juvotskys point to the impact of the pandemic and the ability to rely on self-sustained living regardless of the social conditions the rest of the world is facing especially in more compacted and overcrowded areas.  But most important, they point to the freedom offered by living in an era where abundant, more sophisticated technology capabilities make long-term overlanding mobility a feasible option.  Both members of this amazing Desert Cruiser couple have been able to manage successful careers from the road—Cody is an independent freelance photographer and videographer, while Christina remotely manages social media marketing for a Southern California church based in her hometown desert community neighborhood.

While the pair’s overlanding dreams were initially met with scepticism by well-meaning peers and colleagues, they’ve remained true to their dreams and living life on their terms—experiencing the beauty of the American wilderness and surprising their friendly naysayers at the same time.

Hey Juvotskys:  Thanks for letting Bullet Liner hitch a ride!  We look forward to the upcoming adventures of the Desert Cruiser this summer and invite our Bullet Liner community to trail along as we continue to follow Cody and Christina on their amazing journey.

Into overlanding?  Share your thoughts and experiences at #TheDesertCruiser and check out the final stages of the Bullet Liner Desert Cruiser 2023 Custom Build in progress on Instagram  @TheDesertCruiser.  Also if you are interested in becoming a Bullet Liner Brand Ambassador and working with our team on your own custom build, reach out to us here.

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Team Bullet Liner