Bullet Liner International Welcomes New U.K. Reseller PTC360 Solutions

The worldwide network of quality Bullet Liner™ resellers and applicators continues to expand. We are very excited to announce that PTC360 Solutions has recently joined Bullet Liner International as a reseller for the United Kingdom.

PTC360 Solutions’ primary focus will be the commercial vehicle and associated markets– if it’s automotive-related and has wheels, the team at PTC360 can help. Paul Cutter, the owner of PTC360 Solutions, has 30 years of experience in the specialised commercial vehicle market—servicing vehicle types ranging from transit vans to fully equipped 44 tonne semi-trailer units.

Paul also brings experience with polyurethane coatings to the table, and he believes Bullet Liner is a much-needed product for the U.K. marketplace. According to Paul, “Bullet Liner and PTC360 will help make vehicles in the U.K. safer and protect them from water and weather damage, scratches, dings and other threats that might otherwise limit a vehicle or product’s life cycle and need for repair. Bullet Liner protective coating helps to keep vehicles looking great, even after they’ve taken a beating.”

Bullet Liner is well known for the effectiveness of its elastomer sealant in the Pick Up and Off Road / Specialised vehicle market, and PTC360 Solutions will pick up the gauntlet of this challenge. Products and ancillary items will be stocked in the U.K. for short order dispatch where necessary.

Paul Cutter and PTC360 Solutions can be contacted at the following number: +44 (0) 7568 – 509493. Paul and his operation will launch a new website and commercial premises in the near future to complement the company’s business expansion.

Welcome, PTC360 Solutions, to the Bullet Liner International family!