Are You Road Trip-Ready this Fall Season?

The chill is in the air. The leaves are turning. Your ATV is screaming your name. There’s no better time to gear up and hit the trails. There’s no question that our Bullet Liner™ premium polyurea spray on bedliner will give your truck or off-road vehicle the protection it needs to keep its exteriors, fenders, wheel wheels, bumpers and more looking in prime shape – even after the most serious abuse Mother Nature can deliver this fall season.  With your vehicle exterior taken care of, our Bullet Liner team wants to make sure that you and your co-riders are also fully prepared and ready to trail blaze.

Check out these 5 QUICK TIPS to gear up for the ultimate rush through the brush

Understand driving conditions:  Having a heads up to the kind of path you’re taking on can be a game changer. In areas with compromised visibility (such as before the crest of a hill with obstructed views), take pause and jump out of your vehicle if needed to get a keen eye on the road ahead and check for animals, obstructions and other potential problem areas.

Water-fording:  Going for a “swim” in your ATV can be the ultimate charge, but make sure you know what you’re getting into so you don’t literally get in over your head. Before getting your wheels wet, check the fording depth on your 4WD.  According to Popular Mechanics magazine, most brands print this in the owner’s manual.  Never drive blindly into the center of water without understanding its conditions. A quick and simple test with a long tree branch can be a time – and life – saver.

Mind your gear:  Once your vehicle hits mud and gravel, make sure to shift immediately into 4WD. By the time you land in a hole or tough spot, it may already be too late to adjust.  On the toughest trails, take advantage of 4WD low range driving mode. This downshift will transfer power through another set of gears before it reaches your wheels. This will allow you drive at a decreased speed, with enhanced torque at the wheels.

Getting un-stuck:  If you do land in a precarious position, try slipping a textured floor mat under your Jeep wheels (along with just stacking rocks), to gain traction.  For the times that this doesn’t help – and you’re really lodged in – make sure you have the proper recovery gear handy.  Always bring an extra sturdy 2 inch-wide tow strap equipped with fabric loops to prepare for unforeseen situations, before they happen.

Want a smoother ride?Try decreasing tire pressure. This helps tire sidewalls to form around rocks more easily for a more cushioned, smoother glide.

From all of us at Bullet Liner spray on bedliner, here’s to the thrill of adventure…and a rugged, but safe ride.

Team Bullet Liner