Reflecting on this past Thanksgiving week, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for where the Bullet Liner™ brand has been, and the good things that have brought us to where we are today.  It was just over a year ago that Bullet Liner joined the Accella Performance Materials™ family of brands to further expand their extensive line of polyurea based coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, spray foam and recycled rubber products.  Bullet Liner started just six short years ago, but our roots in the spray on bed liner space run deep and extend back to the beginning of the entire protective truck bed liner category. 

Burtin Polymer Labs pioneered the industry more than 30 years ago.  Research and development surrounding world-leading polyurethane technology production continued at Burtin through the years – and when the team happened upon a revolutionary formula that would set a new and elevated standard for spray on bed liner quality, they made the decision to launch the Bullet Liner offering in 2010.  Since then, it’s been an exciting and fun ride skyward. 

When Burtin and, subsequently, Bullet Liner became part of the Accella family in 2015, it joined the most elite and cutting-edge team of scientists and technicians in North America who are solely focused on the advancement of elastomer and related coating offerings.  As a company, Accella is the leading independent polyurethane systems house on the continent.  Polyurethane and its by-products are ubiquitous in our modern world. 

Take a second and look around wherever you happen to be reading this.  We can bet with some certainty that Accella product technology has its fingerprints on many of the products and materials that are touching your surroundings and life in unimaginable ways each and every day.  The brands and companies that make up Accella Performance Materials lead their respective product categories, in part due to the massive brain trust at hand when it comes to solving challenges and offering exceptional solutions to client needs.  This, in turn, propels science further and helps to provide a better foundation for the advancement of other new technologies within the spectrum of coatings, sealants, spray foam and more. 

This type of synergy has already positioned Bullet Liner to have greater advantages in the truck bed liner market with unique offerings that raises the quality bar even higher when it comes to color matching and the retention of UV color protection to fight sun fade over time. Technological advancements of polyurethane spray on protectant like these will ensure that our customers have a state-of-the art product riding on their vehicle every time they purchase Bullet Liner products.  Another plus that sets the company aside from others in our space is the fact that Bullet Liner – and most all Accella products – is made in the USA. That’s something that all of our production team – and our network of certified dealers all across America – can take pride, and great thanks, in because it’s a philosophy that will help to strengthen our local, regional and national economy.  

As we have grown this company from the bottom up, we also could not be more thankful for the solid dedication of the hundreds of current and future Bullet Liner spray-on truck bed liner dealers who are an integral part of our team.  That’s why we have chosen to align our product dealership and distribution platform differently than franchise models that are so prevalent with similar entrepreneurial opportunities.  Bullet Liner instead offers what we call the “Un” Franchised Alternative. 

Typically, franchise business models unnecessarily burden operators with heavy franchise marketing fees, which in our view only limit an operator’s ability to incorporate the Bullet Liner brand into their existing operation – or holds them to stringent obligations that significantly impair their ability to succeed.

Bullet Liner, on the other hand, partners with our dealers and provides them with corporate-generated local customer leads, a complete website and marketing program, certified technology, an integrated customer support team, and the tangible tools to help dealers find creative ways to weave the Bullet Liner brand into their own local community culture.  We refer to our dealer approach as the “Freedom to Perform” and it’s unique within the spray elastomers space. Our dealers are the face of our brand to the customers in their region who help to grow their business – and we couldn’t have more gratitude for the high standards they help us maintain, and the promise they hold for our success into the future.  

On behalf of the entire Accella Bullet Liner team, a heartful thanks for taking this journey with us, and we look forward to the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. 


Team Bullet Liner