“Think Outside the Bed™”

High Caliber Protection for….Just About Anything

Bullet Liner was founded on the bedliner tradition.  More than 30 years ago, the brand’s predecessor—legacy spray foam bedliner pioneer, Burtin Polymer Labs—set out to build a new industry and provide pickup truck owners with the high-quality military grade coating they needed to keep their bedliner exteriors safe and more functional. Today, the industry has grown to become a red hot market – with integrated spray-on protectant offerings for multiple applications.  Now, bedliners are only one piece of the proverbial pie when it comes to utilizing this great technology.

As the leader in spray coating marketing and innovation, Bullet Liner offers our UV color-safe polyurea sealant in more hues and for more uses than even we can begin to count.  Spray-on bed liner can easily be applied to literally countless items for utility purposes—or just plain good looks—by our professional certified spray teams, who use premier spray equipment like Graco and are located in small and large cities across the U.S.  Our elastomer coating protects everything from vehicle interior and exteriors; to trailers; to boats; to sports, camping, and work/utility equipment and more to mitigate against dents, dings, weathering and road damage—and it also actually increases the value of the things you own, extending their life and making them easier to resell.

We recently asked our Bullet Liner customer and dealer family to come up with a few of their favorite things to “Bullet Line” – and here are several obvious, and also surprising, items to consider covering with our high-quality elastomer spray:

  • Any vehicle exterior surface (fenders, bumpers, wheel wheels, spoilers, ski racks, light bars, running boards, bike racks, tire mounts…or the whole outside of your ATV, Jeep, truck, RV or car!)
  • Any vehicle interior surface (floor boards, seats, glove boxes, gear shift, steering wheel and more)
  • Camper shell
  • Boat deck
  • Rowboat
  • Speedboat
  • Dinghy
  • Hard shell truck bed cover
  • Trailer exterior
  • Tool shed
  • Tool box
  • Tool rack
  • Appliances and hand held tools
  • Garage mini-fridge
  • Storage trunk
  • Saw horse
  • Work table
  • Ice chest
  • Surfboard
  • Skateboard
  • Snow board (top surface)
  • Speaker/amplifier
  • Guitar case
  • Music equipment and stands
  • Fishing equipment and tackle box
  • Work/construction boots
  • Sporting equipment
  • Camping gear
  • Patio equipment
  • Patio decking
  • Bench
  • Building signage
  • Farm equipment and storage
  • Pond/fountain lining
  • Exterior home steps/stairway/ramp
  • Outdoor swing set/play equipment

We’d like to challenge YOU to think “Think Outside the Bed™” and try Bullet Liner on anything around your home, car, garage, work shed, boat slip, yard or barn that you value and want to keep in good working condition.  Share your best ideas with us on Twitter @BulletLinerUSA or Instagram @BulletLiner with #ThinkOutsideTheBed.

Team Bullet Liner