Treat. Your. Trailer. Right. with Bullet Liner Technology

Bullet Liner, a leading global provider of spray-on elastomer protective coating for the internal and external surfaces of trailers, commercial and recreational vehicles, cargo vans, RVs, pick-up trucks and more, has some helpful tips and how to’s for trailer owner-operators looking to optimize functionality and value. At the recent National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) conference, held last month in Las Vegas, NV, Bullet Liner talked to the trailer industry about the many ways that its premium polyurea coating solutions can extend the longevity of trailers by rendering them immune to excessive weather damage, minor dents, dings and paint fading.

How does Bullet Liner work?

Bullet Liner has been a leader in the elastomer spray-on coating category for the past three decades. The company founders helped to pioneer the polyurea sealant technology space for vehicle applications more than 30 years ago. Since then, Bullet Liner coatings have been used to protect a host of “physical surfaces” on industrial equipment (storage tanks, heavy vehicles, construction and other commercial gear, and even building roofing and siding), as well as surfaces on recreational assets such as pick-up trucks, vans, tools, yard equipment, and other household items. In recent years, the use of Bullet Liner protective surface coatings in adventure vehicles (RVs and overlanders), utility vans and trailers (carrying everything from high-value commercial cargo, sporting and camping supplies to equine and rodeo equipment), has literally exploded—and the same applies for trailers used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Applications for the technology

The utility transportation space, in particular, has found a “friend” in Bullet Liner technology:  It is one of the market’s most affordable and easy-to-apply coating formulations that effectively preserves interior and exterior vehicle surfaces (fenders, wheel wells, bumpers, truck beds, and tailgates). The brand’s advanced, high-performance spray-on elastomer coating can literally help trailer owners to save money by better protecting their trailer or related equipment investment.

Bullet Liner coatings keep trailers looking in top shape despite adverse weather conditions. The exterior coloration of a Bullet Liner-coated vehicle won’t fade, chip, bubble or peel—even if the trailer sits outside for 11 months out of each year baking in the blistering hot Southwestern U.S. sun or braving sub-zero Northwestern or Northeastern (or even Alaskan!) freezing temperatures. Bullet Liner’s durable, highly resilient coating offers the tough protection to ensure better business outcomes for fleet and commercial/industrial vehicle operators.

If you’re involved in any aspect of the trailer industry—working in the management, distribution and application of various product supplies or tools, in trailer maintenance or construction (including engineering, fabricated parts, panels, doors, ramps, hardware, landing gear, floor covering, plastic components, painting, coatings or galvanizing, and more)—Bullet Liner technology can play an integral role in augmenting either the efficiency of your production process or ensuring the long term durability of the finished product itself. The same benefits apply for enthusiasts who are managing a camper/trailer investment strictly for recreational purposes.

Specific Benefits for Trailer Owner-Operators

Here is a list of the many applications that trailer manufacturers and owner/operators may want to consider when it comes to choosing Bullet Lining protective coatings for an individual trailer or trailer fleet:

  • Bullet Liner surface coatings and solutions helps to reduce premature wear-and-tear and denigration on essential trailer surfaces, trailer parts and adjunct supplies, and ancillary equipment.
  • And when premature damage is decreased, Bullet Liner helps to protect a trailer’s valuation and longevity—which then contributes to securing a higher potential resell price.
  • Bullet Liner keeps trailer surfaces looking more polished and in top shape—something that is ideal for trailer operators and fleet entities that choose to promote their company branding on the trailer exterior.
  • Because of Bullet Liner’s resilience in the face of fluctuating temperature extremes, it also helps to safeguard trailer exteriors regardless of the geographic location where the trailer is frequently used and stored.
  • For trailers used for recreational, adventure or camping purposes, Bullet Liner helps to keep the exterior body of the vehicle looking more desirable out on the open road (while also protecting against potential road debris, scratches, dents, etc.), which leads to a more satisfying experience for owners and traveler-occupants.
  • Bullet Liner elastomer coating is also prepared and administered by highly trained and authorized member-dealers, which ensures higher product performance, better quality control, and superior customer service across the entire application process.

For more information about these and other technical and aesthetic benefits of Bullet Liner polyurea spray-on protective coatings for the trailer marketplace and related industries, please visit

Team Bullet Liner