The “Un” Franchised Alternative

If you’re like so many of the prospective dealers that we talk with, you may not be impressed with the traditional franchise model. And for good reason. While franchising is a frequent choice for those who want to create a start-up business of their own, many franchisee investors find – much to their disappointment – that they’ve rushed into an arrangement that can be wholly unfulfilling.  An arrangement that can actually inhibit the financial self-reliance they’re seeking.

Accella Bullet Liner offers a more desirable path. We’ve built a highly successful dealer network model based on the “Un” Franchised Alternative.

After three decades at the epi-center of the spray on bedliner industry, our team at Bullet Liner™ really “gets it.”  We understand that our dealers are entrepreneurs at heart who want to create a thriving business in a field they love – but they don’t want to relinquish the control and decision making that is the bedrock of independent ownership. Many of our dealers are ex-military or former, or current, auto body repair shop or after-market accessory retailers. They don’t want to have to retool their entire business model to take advantage of sales opportunities in the red-hot truck bed liner spray category.  We enable our dealers to expand their current operation with the addition of Bullet Liner product offering – and give them the Freedom to Perform their way, and on their own terms.

What are key considerations?  While there are upsides to both business models, here are just a few of the reasons to watch out for traditional franchising offers that we’ve shared over the years with our prospective dealers.  Once they weigh the pros and cons, most almost unanimously discover that the path to business ownership through the “un” franchise model is a refreshing alternative.

The Cons of Franchising

  • First, the cost to acquire and start-up operations within a franchise network is often higher than anticipated for many participants.
  • Second, dealers are often expected to pay ongoing service fees that can add up, over time, to become revenue-to-profit ratio game changers.
  • Third, franchisees typically are required to agree to purchase certain products and quantities of materials, which can further tax their bottom-line.
  • Fourth, being part of a franchise network comes with certain restrictions, extreme performance quota expectations and geographic limitations that impact how and where you grow your business.

When dealers are presented with less control across the board, innovation can often be stymied. 

The Pros of Membership in the Accella Bullet Liner Network

At Bullet Liner, we believe that when we give our dealers anationally recognized brand name and the inherent credibility that goes along with that – and the infrastructure and tools to succeed without the iron hand of a franchise management model – they can meet professional and personal goals faster…and more efficiently. 

We offer the A-Z support that helps Bullet Liner dealers get the job done right – from offering the best scratch resistance protective liner spray on the market, to Graco-certified spray equipment, to onsite training and certification, to a personalized retail website, to qualified corporate leads and Internet marketing, and a host of brand marketing and promotional opportunities to help them build their business.  Additionally, every Bullet Liner spray on bedliner job comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

If you’re considering entering the trailer truck bed liner spray business, Bullet Liner – and our network or more than 200 dealers across the U.S. – offers the ease of ownership you’ve been looking for.  Bullet Liner’s high-caliber protection is the industry gold standard in truck bed liner protection spray, invented by the team that literally pioneered the industry.

Come join us!  Click here for more information of how you can be a part of our rewarding Accella Bullet Liner family.

Team Bullet Liner