Bullet Liner™ International is thrilled to welcome Bullet Liner™ France to the growing list of companies that have become authorised distributors of the world’s premier polyurea protective coating. Bullet Liner™ France is now the exclusive outlet for Bullet Liner™ technology in the country—and will oversee all Bullet Liner™ marketing and applicator recruitment for the region.
The owners of Bullet Liner™ France have deep roots in the polyurethane and polyurea markets—including a decade-long track record for consistently providing quality services and consulting to clients. They are committed to delivering the highest quality products—and have a very high regard for Bullet Liner™’s exceptional protective properties and ability to maintain a fadeless, “like new” finish, even after years of weather extremes and often punishing environmental and usage conditions. These characteristics are what set Bullet Liner™’s high-caliber technology apart from the competition. They are a testament to the product’s world-class reputation and a core reason why Bullet Liner™ France decided to include the Bullet Liner™ brand within their company name.
The team at Bullet Liner™ France is interested in focusing on solution-oriented services to meet the multitude of unique challenges that customers might bring their way. They view every customer as a business partner and know that long-term client satisfaction is always tied to strong return on investment and the level of success and results that they are determined to achieve. The team at Bullet Liner™ France sees their new affiliation as a great opportunity to offer high quality spray-on polyurethane protection services for the automotive, industrial, military and building/construction markets, but their areas of business development will not be limited to these vertical industries. The company also wants to push into non-traditional areas to offer all customers the highest quality of products and services, based on ever-evolving new solutions.
The Bullet Liner™ France team has confidence that the Bullet Liner™ global brand, together with parent company Carlisle Polyurethane Systems and its integrated products and services, will accrue a huge fan following in France—and they are currently seeking NEW applicators to join their network. A hallmark offering of the Bullet Liner™ reseller network is the plethora of support materials offered at the corporate level to assist resellers to, in turn, help their local applicators grow and mature their individual operations. To this end, Bullet Liner™ France will make business templates, comprehensive training, and turnkey supplies readily available for qualified applicators—and the company will provide ongoing support and resources moving forward. They have also arranged to maintain product storage in France for on-hand immediate delivery to their network.
For more information, please contact Baptiste Lefort at +3363931005
Bulletliner France
3 avenue Louis Bleriot,
69680 Chassieu