Why Bullet Liner Technology Is Ready-Made for the Overlanding Craze

It’s been tagged by City Magazine as “the adventure trend of 2023”:  Overlanding.

What is it and why is this outdoor, nature-lovers Nirvana not only taking the off-road enthusiast community by storm, but also READY-MADE for Bullet Liner technology?

Overlanding is the latest craze in off-road trail adventure, but with a twist.  Instead of just offering a single “power day” of trail riding exhilaration, or even a weekend get-away in the back country, it’s a sport for long-haulers.  According to Outside Van magazine, overlanding “is vehicle dependent travel, where the main goal is the journey itself, not the destination.  It often involves off-road capable vehicles where travelers can discover remote trails and areas that are less frequently visited.  Overlanders usually enjoy off-grid camping and try to be self-sustained for an extended period of time.”

In other words, it’s the ultimate trail-riding road trip, wild and unleashed exploration, and unconventional campout all bundled into one, and it’s taking the outdoor recreation community by storm.

And like with any road trip, your beloved vehicle (your “warrior on wheels”) is front and center in the action.  While an overlanding vehicle—be it a Jeep, ATV, pick-up, dirt bike, van or whatever the road beckons—is going to take its fair share of abuse, it’s still important to keep it protected and intact for the journey.  After all, all those mountain high-top selfies will feature your road machine in all its glory…and even in that unforgiving environment, good looks as well as the performance of your ride always still matter.

This is where Bullet Liner’s protective elastomer coating comes in. When any vehicle hits the open trail, it becomes exposed to all of the “love” that Mother Nature has to dish out—whether it’s flying rocks, mud, debris, tree branches or the baking hot sun and freezing cold night time temperatures.  This havoc on the trail day after day—and night after night where overlanders are concerned—can take its toll.

Bullet Liner’s spray-on protective coating keeps vehicle surfaces in top shape—helping to mitigate against dings, minor dent, scrapes and more.  A Bullet Liner coating application won’t crack, peel, bubble or fade—period—keeping your wheels looking like the day they rolled off the showroom.  Plus, Bullet Liner offers superior UV ray protection and ensures that color brilliance remains, even after days soaking up the hot sunlight.

Overlanding comes from a rich tradition.  The term has its roots in Australia, where farmers had to migrate their cattle long distances, camping and traveling for many weeks on end.  The term gained more legs as an enthusiast sport in both the Outback and South Africa where explorers linked leisure with small, self-contained off-road vehicle travel.  Today, even automotive manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon to get in on the trend—where, according to Road and Track, numerous brands are introducing “countless adventure and outdoor-oriented models, trims, and accessory packages.”

Today, it’s one of the hottest past times for off-road vehicle owners.  And, as part of Bullet Liner’s Brand Ambassador Program, we will be sponsoring two overland custom build husband and wife teams, following their adventures on the open trail.  Check out the escapades of @thedesertcruiser and @sullythedefender here on Instagram.

To learn more about Bullet Liner’s durable exterior and interior spray-on protective coatings, please visit BulletLiner.com/Applications/.