2021/2022 Update

As we head into the long final stretch of a challenge-infused 2021, we thought we’d take a moment to update you on what Bullet Liner USA has in store to ensure that business opportunities for your operation in 2022 are at full thrust.  We want to provide the necessary support tools to help you to reach your maximum potential.

Despite devastating supply chain challenges within our field in recent months that nearly halted operations for many of our competitors, we are proud to report that Bullet Liner was the only major brand to continue to thrive during this period.  While others in our field struggled, Bullet Liner USA retained the single greatest percentage of allocation in our industry during the domestic raw materials shortage.  We leveraged large company buying strategies and key supplier relationships, which propelled very strong year-over-year (YOY) volume!  Even during a tumultuous and challenging time for our entire category, and for the manufacturing supply chain across the U.S., Bullet Liner delivered for you.  And, today, we’re proud to lead our industry in product supply and raw materials availability.

 We deeply value what we’ve built together—and Bullet Liner will always have your back rock solid.  Our Carlisle Companies parent brand, one of the world’s largest diversified manufacturers, will always ensure that Bullet Liner leads the market in high quality product deployment, best in class sales support, corporate lead generation, and operator incentives.  We are recommitting efforts and strongly increasing financial investments to power robust marketing strategies now and throughout 2022 to help fuel your highly successful entrepreneurial business with this world leading brand.

Together, we’ve redefined what “high-performance” is all about—earning the loyalty of millions of customers worldwide who rely on Bullet Liner technology and the durable, resilient High Caliber Protection we provide for cars, trucks, vans, RVs, ATVs, boats, bikes, utility equipment, and more.  Our Bullet Liner formulations and advanced elastomer science is backed by world class chemistry and R&D innovation, invested in over the course of 35+ years.  Working in tandem with you and member dealers around the globe, we’ve collectively made customer service and quality execution the unparalleled hallmark of Bullet Liner —a name that is now recognized worldwide as the most trusted spray coatings brand.

Thank you for your support and dedication!  We look forward to celebrating your continued and future success as a highly valued member of our global Bullet Liner family.

Team Bullet Liner