Taking It Off-Road with Bullet Liner: The Ultimate Social Distancing

Regardless of what part of the country you’re residing in, one thing remains the same: We’re all sick and tired of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Everyone has grown fatigued with the “locked down” mentality—and here in America, we’re all seeking ways to safely get back into our lives and pump up the recreation.  While certain lifestyle options may still be more limited during this time, there is one pastime that combines the best of all worlds:  Getting out on the off-road trails, taking in nature, and kicking up some serious thrills on some of the most challenging ATV courses in North America…and doing it while keeping a whole lot of “social distance.”

Off-roading with your favorite set of wheels—ATV, Jeep, 4×4, dirt bike or mountain bike—is as popular as ever among the enthusiasts across the nation.

According to the “Off-road Vehicle Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts” study, shared in Reportlinker.com in June of this year, the “off-road vehicle market was valued at USD 14 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach USD 18 billion by 2026.”  While the source noted that Covid-19 “acted as a restraint to the off-road vehicle market in 2020 due to continuous travel and trade restrictions,” it also shared the good news that the “post pandemic market is expected to grow at a steady pace as economic activities resume worldwide.”  That’s great news for vehicle manufacturers involved in the sport—and even better news for the aftermarket industry and, most importantly, for enthusiasts who love the freedom of the open trail and all that the off-road lifestyle entails.

The upcoming cool fall weather offers the temperate climate and breathtaking changing landscape in many parts of the country that make October and November an ideal time to get out there and carve up the terrain.  And this is where Bullet Liner™ comes in.  Our high-caliber tensile strength exterior coating has been keeping 4x4s and other off-the-road vehicles protected and durable for more than 30 years.  We get it.  Hard trail riding loses its luster if you’re having to pamper your ride.  But at the same time, you don’t want to trash your prized investment and cause unnecessary damage out on the trail.  This could quickly denigrate or devalue your gear and leave you with an unsightly piece of equipment that you no longer want to show off to your friends.

After all, off-road vehicles can take a serious beating the minute you go rogue and take it off-highway.  Mud, brush scrapes, extended tree branches, flying rocks and other debris can quickly scratch and damage auto, truck and ATV exteriors, not to mention the consistent abuse your vehicle takes from weather and temperature extremes.  The hot beating sun can fade exterior paint and trim—and in alternate seasons, the blistering cold can flake, peel, and rust your custom spray job, leaving you with unwanted corrosion and premature aging to your vehicle.

Bullet Liner has the antidote for ALL the above.  Our premium elastomer coating was pioneered over three decades ago when Burtin Polymer Labs first invented its spray-on truck bedliner solution in the U.S.  Burtin’s technology was impervious to the elements and all that Mother Nature could dole out—on the job, on the trail, on the highway, or even sitting in the driveway.  Let’s face it.  Manufacturer-grade paint jobs were never meant to withstand the extreme adventure of the toughest off-road trails.  Whether you’re ascending a 40-degree hill, withstanding even a minor rockslide, or worse yet, enduring a white knuckle 360-degree roll, your vehicle simply isn’t going to come out of it unscathed.  But why even invest in a serious off-the-road vehicle if you can’t take your excursions—and fun—to the limit?

Bullet Liner’s spray on protective sealant delivers a durable coating that mitigates the damage from road rage out on the trail—keeping your exterior surfaces safe from most dings, scuffs, scratches, and abrasions.  Our advanced Bullet Liner formulations also deliver “no-fade, no-peel” UV protection and color safeguarding that can be matched to your factory or custom paint to protect a whole host of exterior areas—from bumpers, fenders, and wheel wells to running boards, rollbars, tonneau covers, and mounted spare tire covers.  Bullet Liner also works great on interior areas of your off-road vehicle to keep steering wheels, flooring, dashboards, kick panels and more immune to typical high-use damage.

Are you not an ATV owner yourself, but an automotive aftermarket operator?  No problem.  Understanding and promoting the benefits of elastomer coating for your most adventurous off-road vehicle owner customers is a great way to expose them to many benefits of Bullet Liner’s market leading technology.  Trail drivers come from all walks of life and occupations.  The use of Bullet Liner adhesive protective coating is a great way for member-dealers to showcase all that Bullet Liner can do to safeguard their customers’ most prized possessions, be they of a personal/recreational enthusiast nature or for serious commercial or industrial business use.

Not only does Bullet Liner keep off-road “toys” safe, but it can render immeasurable cost savings, utility benefits and investment protection for commercial work trucks, cargo vans, fleet vehicles, storage equipment, and other vital workhorse items that are the bedrock of financial livelihood for many businesses.  Bullet Liner’s premium spray on polyurea protection is available to service both recreational Jeep, pick-up truck and ATV owners, as well as serious business operators working across multiple industries.  Any individual or business that is looking to extend the lifecycle of their physical assets can benefit from the wide range of exterior coating benefits offered by Bullet Liner technology.

But this fall, spray some Bullet Liner on your favorite off-road buggy and get out there to enjoy the kind of spiritual revitalization we ALL could use after this long pandemic…the freedom of epic, wide-open spaces. And while you’re taking in some stellar ATV, 4×4 or dirt bike riding, let us help keep your vehicle safe and in top shape, even while you’re out on the most intense slopes and exhilarating trails you can find this season.