Avoid “Franchise Pitfalls” with the Un-Franchised Alternative

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of independent business ownership.  Building your own empire, no matter what size, and operating on your timetable—and according to your own management philosophy—can be a game changer for livelihood fulfillment and overall life satisfaction.  And if you 1) have an interest in the automotive aftermarket, 2) already own an indy auto or pickup truck dealership, 3) happen to have a know-how for mom and pop retail, or 4) even if you’re ex-military and looking for a fresh start and new career, becoming a certified bedliner spray owner-operator may be right up your alley.  Learning to apply our Bullet Liner™ award-winning protective elastomer sealant is a highly marketable skill, not to mention the fact that the spray-on bedliner category is currently red hot for both consumers and potential new business operators.

But before you hang out your new shingle and start your own spray on coating business, the team here would like to direct your attention to the single MOST important question you’ll first want to consider:  To franchise or not to franchise?

At Bullet Liner, one of the hallmarks of our brand is the fact that we are not franchised.  That’s right!  Since day one, we have been proud to be the market’s only “Un Franchised” Alternative.  And we believe that there are a number of advantages to steering clear of traditional franchise networks.

According to Forbes magazine, here are a few of the main watch outs:

  • Traditional franchise networks are known for passing along “hidden fees” to their members (whether they be additional start-up or entry costs, or fees for marketing and sales training).
  • Typical large franchisers often promise lofty “average earnings” (it’s important to note that success always varies on the skill set and resources of individual operators – often while revenue costs may be high, corresponding expensesmay be as well, which is why it’s critical to have a candid, open assessment before signing up and evaluate medianincome numbers, rather than averages).
  • The presence of stringent rules and, in effect, a strict “boss” (one of the reasons many operators are attracted to the freedom of independent ownership is the opportunity to have a an entrepreneurial career of their own, but many franchisers still operate with a staunch structure that can mimic more traditional employers…and bosses).
  • You’re trapped!  Many typical franchise networks make it very difficult for an operator who is unsatisfied to leave (by providing strict out-clauses and non-competes, and requiring that the member agree to an extreme number of regulations and provisions).

As the pioneer in truck bedliner technology, we truly understand this business and acknowledge that most dealer candidates crave the benefits of independent ownership without the above headaches of a traditional franchise network.

That’s why we’ve built and crafted our member dealer network and program parameters by listening carefully to our dealers—and especially to the needs of new prospects.  We’ve tried to assess what matters to them from a management and fiscal perspective; what makes them tick; and how they measure success.

Overwhelmingly, our dealers want the support structure and lead generation opportunities that come with joining a premier network.  At the same time, they want access to technology they trust and an industry-leading brand with which they can associate their business.  But they also crave the independence and financial liberation to run their business according to their management style and lifestyle needs—without a host of ancillary operating and overhead costs that feed the franchise/franchiser, instead of putting extra earnings directly into their own pocket.  We believe that’s a pretty big consideration when you’re choosing whether a franchised network is right for you.

In addition to the obvious benefit of strong national brand association, we provide our Bullet Liner dealers with the following:

  • A high-tensile, scratch resistance protective spray for vehicles
  • Graco-certified spray equipment
  • Onsite training and certification
  • A personalized retail website
  • Qualified corporate leads and Internet marketing
  • Limited lifetime warranty for customers for as long as they own the vehicle
  • Integrated brand marketing and promotional opportunities to help them build their business

We believe there are numerous upsides to being part of a non-franchised member alliance, but in the end, it’s up to any operator candidate to carefully vet the merits of the network they’re considering.  Here at Bullet Liner, we’re pumped up to be able to offer our rock star dealer prospects the very best of BOTH worlds:  A truly incredible market leading brand and network packed with all of the support benefits that help you achieve the epic success you desire, but we still also ensure that you have the “Freedom to Perform” that attracted you to this exciting line of work in the first place.

We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about all that Bullet Liner has to offer the industry…and your professional future.  Read more here and feel free to connect with our team at any time.  We’d love to hear about your goals and dreams for establishing your very own winning business.

Team Bullet Liner