BL-1 Spray-on Polyurea Protective Coating

Your tough-as-nails, go-to coating.

Bullet Liner BL-1 spray-on polyurea protective coating is specially engineered to protect against the roughest, toughest treatment anywhere. From truck beds and boats to heavy-duty military and construction equipment, BL-1 has you covered.

The best protection for the stuff that matters.

Protect against the elements

BL-1’s protective layer shields against extreme wear and tear on any surface. Scratches, dents, rust, water damage, corrosion, and abrasions are no match for our water-tight, grip-tight seal.

Enhance safety

BL-1 not only protects your equipment and gear, but also the people using, operating, or wearing it. Provide secure, safe footing and traction for any surfaces that become slippery when wet.

Enjoy a quieter ride

BL-1’s protective layer absorbs sound and vibration to reduce road noise, prevent cargo rattling, and give you a more comfortable ride.

Boost dependability

BL-1’s grip-tight, non-slip polyurea coating makes hard-core vehicles and equipment  even more durable, ready for even the most remote locations.

Prevent dings and dents

BL-1 creates a rugged surface that prevents scratches and dents caused by hauling tools, equipment, and other cargo.

Reduce maintenance costs

BL-1’s better exterior protection means less maintenance for you.

Improve resale value

Our superior layer of protection adds years to the life of your vehicle or equipment for higher resale value when it’s time to trade up.

Improve traction

Bullet Liner’s grip-tight, non-slip polyurea coatings 

Easy cleaning

BL-1 polyurethane coating makes cleaning surfaces easier and faster than ever.

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Versatile and made to last.

Bullet Liner’s superior adhesion means a water-tight seal on any surface, including:

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