Bullet Liner™: A Good Solution, Inside and Out

If you think spray-on bedliner is only for pickup truck beds, then you’re missing half the fun!  It’s not unusual for many within our industry (including our first time customers) to automatically assume that the applications for our market-leading protective sealant stop at the “back end of the truck,” but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Even though our red hot technology category was initially founded on the concept of protecting the heavily used (and often worn) pickup bed area, spraying truck beds is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many uses for our Bullet Liner sealant.  Of course, truck beds take a lot of scraping, scratching, dents and dings from cargo loads and recreational gear, but in reality there are a whole host of ways, and places, to add style and protection with our award-winning elastomer coating…and truck beds are just the beginning.  Below, in this week’s Bullet Liner Blog article, we’d like to focus on what we call the “inside job.”

Those who really “get” and love spray-on protection already know that Bullet Liner’s High Caliber Protection works just as well all over the exterior of a pickup, Jeep, ATV, RV, trailer or motorcycle as it does on a truck bed.  Bullet Liner can be easily applied (on the outside) from your rig’s head…to its toe.  Our premium elastomer sealant works great on a variety of exterior surfaces—like bumpers, fenders, wheel wells, running boards and more—to help minimize all forms of surface damage out on the trail, on the job, or from everyday wear-and-tear from frequent use.

But what many may not know is that spray on sealant can also be used effectively on vehicle interiors.  In fact, when it comes to Bullet Liner bed liner, the more creative you can be with the application, the more benefits you can glean—and the more money you can save on your vehicle investment (since a protective sealant can help to protect and preserve the longevity of your ride from the “inside out” as well). That’s why we encourage our customers to Think Outside the Bed™!  After all, the interior of your favorite machine should really be its sweet spot.  It’s the place where you actually spend the most time.  And while you want everyone out on the highway to think of your ‘beauty on wheels’ as worthy eye candy, it’s important to enjoy the scenery from the interior point of view as well.

If you happen to be an off-road explorer or camper, you know that the inside of your Jeep, ATV, pick-up or even your car can get pretty nasty—pretty quickly—after you’ve been around or out on or off the trail.  When it comes to pimping out your cab or Jeep/ATV interior, Bullet Liner comes to the rescue in more ways than one.  Our sealant can be sprayed on interior floors, and on the steering wheel, dash, gearshift, glove box, and even the headliner.  Not only will a fresh coat of protective spray give your ride a cooler, edgier and tougher look, it’ll take interior cleaning to a whole new, more simplified level.

With Bullet Liner on the inside of your vehicle, you can even easily hose out parts of the flooring (unless it’s carpeted).  As the e-zine Auto Truck Toys states, “There are very few things that are harder on the interior of your truck than dirt…!”  We can think of a few more too:  Just imagine of all the STUFF that collects in fabric pickup truck and Jeep interiors—areas that normally would be a never-ending catch-all for gravel, pebbles, dirt and debris (especially if you’re into trail riding).  In fact, thinking about Bullet Liner’s benefits from the “inside out” may be one of the hottest growing trends and uses for our technology.

And spray-on coating options don’t end with those parts of your vehicle interior nailed down to its chassis.  A nice coat of sealant will also keep other “must-take” portables – like YETI coolers, trash containers, storage boxes, first aid and tool kits, bumper cable and charging units, and other handy items – looking clean and neat for the duration of ownership.

We like to think of our Bullet Liner spray as an essential companion for any vehicle – and vehicle owner – who’s not afraid to get gritty, dirty and live life to the fullest in the outdoors.  So take a peek around your driver and passenger areas and see what interior wear-and-tear YOU might like to “erase” with a fresh coat of Bullet Liner protective spray the next time you’re ready to hit the road.  We bet there’s a dealer in your region.  Just click here for more details.

Team Bullet Liner