Your Color, Your Choice.

There are more reasons than we can count for why truck, ATV, Jeep, trailer, RV and boat owners rely on the High Caliber Protection of our proprietary Bullet Liner™ spray on protection.  Our current users know that Bullet Liner’s elastomer coating is ideal for a variety of exterior applications (everything from the front bumper to the rear tailgate) as well as a host of interior uses, but keeping your vehicle or boat’s surface color looking the way it did when your prized purchase first rolled off the showroom floor should definitely top the list.  Yep, we’re talking about protecting your color and also about the availability of multiple customizable shades– but we’re also talking about how you can keep that luster and durability working in full gear throughout the life of your vehicle.

With the summer season here, the outdoor recreation months are at your beck and call.  If you’re reading this, you obviously understand the benefits of protecting your truck or truck bed from hazards like shifting cargo, dirt, rocks, brush and other paint ruining elements.  There may, however, be another side to this story that many aren’t aware.  Those season-long hot days of sizzling sunshine beating down from dawn ‘til dusk have arrived.  We all know the importance of protecting our skin with a high UV sunscreen to fight the damage caused by the sun’s intense rays to keep us looking our best, but what about your truck, ATV or RV?

Our truck bed liner spray is perfect for combating the sunrays that your machine bakes in, day in and day out while you play.  And, Bullet Liner can definitely help to keep your vehicle safe from the thermal damage that causes unwanted bubbles or peel your exteriors.

But before you ‘hammer down’ and hit the road, you may also want to consider the importance of keeping your best ride looking as prettyas possible out on the highway.  We’re talking about explosive color choices that are sure to turn heads and have all eyes looking in the direction of your one-of-a-kind ride.

It all starts with our Bullet Liner UV color protectant.  The good news for you is that Bullet Liner comes in every color selection imaginable—to replicate and match what’s already on your vehicle, or create a brand new color schematic to give your rig an entirely original look and feel.  Our menu of color options is limitless.  If you’re into military-mean olive green, jet black, rodeo-tough dirt brown, High Sierra sky trail blue or any other color pick on the palette that’s in-between…if you can say it, our dealers can spray it.  Bullet Liner technicians can provide you with a color matching system that lets you mimic, or contract, any hue that revs you up – and it’s all part of our Bullet Liner quality promise.  Not only does our spray on bed liner help to keep selected colors looking vibrant and fresh, but it provides an indelible “sheen” that’s durable and scratch resistant

Our color-safe/bleed-safe truck bed liner spray has been tested in unique laboratory conditions where we subject it to the harshest outdoor weather and temperature extremes (like heat, cold, humidity, moisture, dryness, etc.), but we also ensure that whatever color you choose will endure for the long-term.  Bullet Liner’s high tensile strength material provides a layer of protection that keeps your vehicle looking like the day it popped off the assembly line.

In addition to offering a high luster, our technology is custom formulated with sustainable chemical ingredients (engineered by the science and R&D teams with our parent company Accella) that are fade-resistant and adhere to vehicle contours to create a tight elastomer “locked-in” seal.  Bullet Liner color literally can add years to your vehicle’s exterior surfacing.  (And remember to “Think Outside the Bed™” because Bullet Liner isn’t just for truck beds anymore – we can spray any area that might benefit from the permanent bonding and long lasting protection of our premier polyurea spray—including your interior floors, dashboard, steering wheel…all of which are exposed to indirect sunlight all season long as well.

If you’re looking to spruce up an older existing vehicle with some more contemporary fresh looks, or protect a brand new purchase before it “pressure cooks” out in your driveway, take your pride and joy over to the local Bullet Liner dealer in your area for a new color evaluation.  The team can walk through the many options for ensuring that your exterior is protected from the impact of the summer heat, and help you to make a bold statement at the same time.

And, if you do decide to sport a new color with our Bullet Liner spray on bed liner, please snap a quick pic on your smartphone and share it with us on social using #BulletLiner to let others see how envious your rig looks out on the highway!

Team Bullet Liner