Bullet Liner™ Asian Expansion Deepens with South Korean Partnership

Dome House Korea Joins the Growing List of Exclusive Global Resellers

The global footprint of the Bullet Liner™ brand continues to thrive with its expansion into South Korea.  Dome House Korea Co. Ltd. becomes the latest organization to join the Bullet Liner™ family as an exclusive reseller of the world’s premier polyurethane protectant.  The company, operated by Mr. Kim Jae Sung, holds a strong position in the Korean construction industry and the Bullet Liner™ line of products will help to reinforce the brand’s commitment to providing long-term, environmental-resistant protection for their clients’ building, infrastructure and ancillary applications.

Dome House Korea Co. Ltd. specializes in EGF panel technology, which is a multipurpose structural material with excellent insulation and durability features in building construction.  The superior environmental protection offered by the Bullet Liner ™ brand will expand and bolster the company’s unique market position.

“Bullet Liner is a great asset to Dome House,” noted Mr. Kim Jae Sung, of Bullet Liner™ Korea Co. Ltd.  “Together, we will improve the quality of services and grow our valued client base throughout Korea with a product that is proven and respected as a leader for spray on polyurea environmental protection!  Bullet Liner™ Korea is committed to offering the highest quality caliber of products based on innovative solutions.  Dome House company managers are confident that Bullet Liner™ products will work perfectly as a trusted elastomer solution for the automotive, industrial and agricultural markets as well.”

The company will be operating under the moniker Bullet Liner Korea Co. Ltd.
For more information and contact details, please visit www.domehousekorea.com, Seoul office : +82 2-928- 5303, HP: +82 10 4447 8149.
E-mail: domehousekorea36@gmail.com