Patrick Spiteri Coatings in Malta Becomes Newest Bullet Liner™ International Reseller

It may be a small island country, but when it comes to finding world-class protection for important physical equipment and assets against scratches, scuffs, dings, water or harsh environmental damage, residents of Malta need look no further than Bullet Liner™ International’s newest reseller, Patrick Spiteri Coatings. This esteemed operation has been appointed as the newest Bullet Liner™ and Carlisle Polyurethane Systems reseller for the area of Malta.  Patrick Spiteri, proprietor, is highly regarded—with deep experience in the agricultural and industrial markets—and he has big aspirations for his partnership with Bullet Liner™. 

Mr. Spiteri is launching this new endeavor with a strong passion for quality and a philosophy rooted in customer centric consulting, which he believes is the foundation for long-term business relationships. These beliefs, combined with determined efforts working within related business and industrial fields, have awarded him a stellar reputation in the coatings space, in which he’s served as an executive manager for the last several years.   
“Customer success and satisfaction are closely related to my mission at hand,” said Patrick Spiteri, owner of new Bullet Liner™ reseller Patrick Spiteri Coatings. “The support, quality of products, and heritage behind the global Bullet Liner™ brand make this endeavor an unbeatable opportunity with a solid roadmap to success.” 
Patrick Spiteri Coatings plans to grow the Bullet Liner™ brand in Malta with a focus on the industrial space, but his operation will serve agricultural and automotive markets as well. Through his affiliation with Bullet Liner™, Mr. Spiteri’s team will be recruiting qualified clients to become self-determining Bullet Liner™ applicator business owners. They are committed to supporting their clientele with cohesive brand marketing, integrated robust training and innovative solution-based services.  As the newest reseller within one of the world’s leading protective coatings provider networks, he is confident that Bullet Liner™ and Carlisle products will provide unique and highly professional results for Maltese residents looking to solve protection issues for automotive, industrial and agricultural related equipment and surface preservation challenges.
For more information, please contact:

Patrick Spiteri Coatings
83, St Cathetine Str.
Qormi QRM2205
Tel: +356 9999 010