Bullet Liner Offers Lucrative Independent Business Ownership

Market-leading Bullet Liner™ delivers high performance permanent spray-on coating systems that have become the industry’s “gold standard” for all types of vehicles and product applications. Based on 30 years of innovation, Bullet Liner can be used on almost any surface to prevent scratches, scuffs and even mitigate dings and minor dents—ensuring a superior elastomer “shield” unmatched in the spray-on protective coating space.

Ideal for pick-ups, ATVs, trailers, utility and fleet vehicles, commercial trucks, military equipment and more, Bullet Liner has been decades in the making. The technology taps extensive R&D and world class chemistry to protect exterior and interior vehicle and equipment surfaces to further their longevity and preserve their value. Bullet Liner technology also creates a grip-tight finish that provides footing safety even on wet surfaces, making it also ideal for flatbed trucks, marine equipment and boat decks. The applications for Bullet Liner are virtually endless. In addition to bed liners and off-road vehicle applications, Bullet Liner’s spray-on coating is also perfect for trailer floors, recreational vehicles, speaker boxes, playground equipment, skateboards, gym equipment, surfboards and more.

Bullet Liner is applied by highly trained spray-on coating technicians. Because Bullet Liner application is a natural extension of other automotive aftermarket customized services, it offers a lucrative income opportunity for dealers, aftermarket repair shop owners, and others looking to either add to their existing revenue stream—or create a new, independent entrepreneurial business venture.

Bullet Liner is currently offering qualified candidates the opportunity to become new additions to the brand’s successful member-dealer network.

When new dealers join the Bullet Liner team—owner-operators from all walks of life and previous backgrounds—they have a chance to become their own boss and sell the highest-quality spray-on protective coating available. Differing from other similar players on the market, Bullet Liner offers an “Un-Franchised” alternative, where new dealers are provided with all the support and structure of belonging to an established, corporate-supported network without the usual financial constraints and restrictive “strings” of traditional franchise ownership. To set its dealers up for success, Bullet Liner also provides each new entrant into the Bullet Liner program with a dedicated sales representative, ongoing marketing and sponsorship support, Graco-certified tech support, corporate lead generation, and comprehensive onsite training, in addition to other ongoing benefits.

Bullet Liner requires no permanent commitment—and the advanced, premium quality elastomer product line speaks for itself. New dealers can cancel anytime, but the company offers new entrepreneurs who join the Bullet Liner team great sales opportunities and myriad channels for success to ensure they won’t ever turn back. Bullet Liner dealers can also take strong pride in our made-in-America brand. Join the red-hot spray-on bedliner industry and start growing your business today!

For more information on how to be considered as a potential new owner-operator prospect, visit BulletLiner.com/dealer/.