Let the Sun Shine In!

Sun. Sun. Sun. We all live for the sun. Taking a prized ATV or UTV out in wide open spaces during these fun, adventure-filled summer months is what you do! We know that there is just about nothing like tearing up the dirt trail this time of year. Sure, it’s hot and there are hazards and road debris coming at you from all sides that can do a serious number on your ride. But even when Mother Nature is at her most determined to dish out flying rocks and sticks, bush branches, sliding hillsides and dirt galore, Bullet Liner has you “covered”—protecting your vehicle from all the expected, and thrilling, abuse out on the trail. After all, that’s what off-roading is all about.

Our heavy-duty protective coating can provide a safeguard for ALL the exterior surfaces of your Jeep, pick up, motorbike or ATV—preserving their financial value while you enjoy an exhilarating ride. That’s why we apply three decades of world class chemistry to help us do our job to keep your vehicle and equipment safe, while you do yours.

And one of the most brutal elements of summertime trail riding is the absolute unforgiving, baking heat dished out by the August sun. It’s not just steaming hot out there, it’s enough to take a measurable toll on an unprotected vehicle with a standard paint job. But Bullet Liner gives you the extra protection your ride needs to stay unscathed through all the hottest weeks of summer and into the fall. In fact, we help to keep your exterior vehicle color bright and vibrant year-round.

Bullet Liner spray on protective coating is both color-safe and bleed-safe, and it has been tested in rigorous laboratory conditions to ensure its resilience. We put our formulations through the harshest trials and give them a run for the money in even the toughest road conditions—in varying heat, cold, humidity, moisture, and dryness environmental recreations. We do this to make sure our color applications stand up in any kind of climate—from the brutal cold weather of the Alaskan Denali frontier in the wintertime to the smokin’ hot summer desert and heat from Moab to Baja. Time and time again, Bullet Liner colors have passed the test and stood up to the elements.

Our Bullet Liner coating can be applied to any exposed exterior of your vehicle—from the wheel well, to the fender, to the bumper, to the truck bed—and to interiors as well, including floors, seats, the steering wheel, dashboard, glove box and more.

And because our color formulations are made to specifically hold up in extreme environments, Bullet Liner won’t fade, crack, bubble or peel. Our UV protectant makes sure that treated surfaces won’t lose their luster or color brilliance regardless of sustained, long term heat exposure and intensity. We know that custom color choices and good looks are part of what make your off-road vehicle…well, cool. And we have the color choices and customization ability to give your ride rich, bold shades that reflect you and your vehicle’s unique personality. Any color on the dial from the blackest Jet black to the most luminous bright reds, blues, greens and more can easily be matched by our teams of color specialists.

And Bullet Liner isn’t just for trail ride artists. Bullet Liner spray-on protection can help safeguard any vehicle in the summer heat—from your RV, to your SUV, to your everyday auto, your motorbike, trailer, cargo van or even utility fleet. Regardless of what set of wheels you call your own, we’ve got you covered and can help you to extend your vehicle’s value, exterior appearance, resale appeal and overall longevity.

And don’t forget your boat or marine equipment! While they may sit in dock in the water, boats are exposed to the same potential denigration from long hours in the baking sun, plus they must contend with the added effects of reflective sunlight. Bullet Liner technology mitigates those rebound light rays, as well as rust, corrosion, dock debris, chemicals and environmental damage—while also keeping colors as sharp and bright as the day they’re applied.

So, enjoy that summer sun to the fullest and know that the vehicles and equipment you depend on will offer the same resilience in return. For more information or to find a Bullet Liner custom spray specialist in your area, please visit at Find a Dealer.