Sully the Defender, an inaugural Bullet Liner Builder Ambassador vehicle, recently conquered the trails in Moab, Utah for the 57th Annual Easter Jeep Safari. For those who aren’t familiar, Easter Jeep Safari is one of the biggest offroading 4×4 events in the country. It’s a nine-day event hosted by Red Rock 4-Wheelers featuring forty-four different trail options. These trails range in difficulty from a scale of 1-10, so no matter the skill level, there is a trail for everyone to enjoy. Also, off-road driving adventures and challenges are offered daily from dawn until dusk.

Upon arrival, Sully the Defender set up camp on BLM land near the Navajo Rocks trailhead and got some rest to prepare for his first big day out on the trail.

On Tuesday, April 4, Bullet Liner sponsored the HellRoaring Rim trail. HellRoaring Rim has a 4×4 difficulty rating of three but a view rating that is off the charts! While out on the HellRoaring Rim trail, we witnessed magnificent views of Hellroaring Canyon. We rolled along for hours, making new friends and talking about all things Bullet Liner and Sully. We finally arrived at the final overlook on the trail, parking up on a ridgetop that provided fifty miles worth of views in all directions of the Green River and Labyrinth Canyon. For our first Bullet Liner sponsored drive of the week, there were around twenty vehicles in attendance. It was a great turn out for Sully & Bullet Liner’s first 4×4 sponsored off-road excursion.

On Wednesday, April 5, Bullet Liner sponsored the Copper Ridge trail. It was a bit more challenging than Sully’s drive the previous day. Copper Ridge has a 4×4 difficulty rating of four due to a couple climbs that contained challenging rock ledge step-ups. There were just over thirty vehicles in attendance, which made for a very large group! The Copper Ridge trail rolls along ridges that have once been the home to dinosaurs! We rolled our way through the canyon walls of the lower section of Sevenmile Canyon and got a spectacular view of the Tower Arch. There were long stretches of Moab’s infamous slickrock on this trail. It was some type of 4×4 magic to witness our large group snaking our way along the ancient Moab slickrock. Copper Ridge was definitely Sully’s favorite trail!

Sully had a great time representing Bullet Liner at his first Easter Jeep Safari. We cannot wait for our next Sully & Bullet Liner adventure in May!

See you out on the trails!