Bullet Liner Wraps up a Successful SEMA Show 2023

This year’s 2023 SEMA Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center October 31 through November 3 in Las Vegas, was a resounding success. The show welcomed more than 2,200 exhibits, including the Bullet Liner brand, and garnered 160,000 attendees. Bullet Liner was pleased to showcase a few of our latest projects at this year’s expo and demonstrate the many benefits of our premium elastomer technology to the automotive-related and automotive aftermarket industries.

Bullet Liner technology—the market’s leading spray-on bedliner and protective coating for automobiles, pick-up trucks, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, cargo vans, fleet vehicles, boats, trailers and more—offers resilient, durable color-safe surface coating technology to protect vehicle and other mechanical product exteriors from damage, excessive weathering and premature aging. Our heavy-duty sealant won’t crack, fade, bubble or peel—period—and is guaranteed for the life of the product and surface application. Bullet Liner also can color-match any existing surface coating hue, including custom color palettes—protecting coated exteriors from intense weather extremes and environmental-related denigration. Whether it’s the unrelenting, baking hot summer sun or heavy rainfall and sub-zero ice, sleet and snow, a Bullet Liner finish keeps your vehicle or commercial/industrial equipment safe from Mother Nature—better preserving the value and longevity of your investment.

At the recent SEMA Show, the Bullet Liner team was proud to show off our high-caliber technology, which has been more than three decades in the making, to automotive-related industry professionals and practitioners. Show attendees also had the chance to check out our latest custom build project—a classic Jeep redo from Bullet Liner brand ambassador Brian Campbell, stationed in the outside vehicle exhibit pavilion. Brian’s coveted vehicle was a recent participant in MotorTrend magazine’s “Ultimate Adventure” held earlier this fall, for which Bullet Liner proudly served as the Official Spray-on Coating Technology Sponsor.

SEMA attendees also had the opportunity to learn more about the many economic and professional advantages of aligning with the global Bullet Liner brand to become a certified operator-dealer in the USA, and regional “reseller” to help establish a dealer-applicator network in markets outside of North America. Bullet Liner is pleased to offer entrepreneur-candidates (and established business investors and commercial-industrial entities, in the case of our worldwide Bullet Liner Reseller Network) the opportunity to join our “non-franchised” member network to enjoy the many financial, resource-driven and brand recognition benefits of affiliation with a major global spray-on sealant provider, without the typical constraints of franchise membership.

Bullet Liner pioneered the spray-on protective coatings marketplace more than 30 years ago, and the technology has remained the industry standard for reliability, sustainability and performance since that time. Bullet Liner technology undergoes among the most extensive testing in the industry, adhering to stringent certification protocols. In addition to our polyurea spray-on protectant guarding against the corrosive damage caused by severe environmental effects and most chemical compounds, Bullet Liner also offers anti-corrosion protection abilities for a variety of environmental settings.

To learn more about Bullet Liner technology, or to entertain options for becoming a certified dealer-operator or global Bullet Liner Reseller abroad, please visit www.BulletLiner.com to discover how our elastomer sealant can help protect your most valued investments. And we hope that this year’s SEMA Show 2023 offered a glimpse of how Bullet Liner can also provide a viable means for interested affiliate partner candidates to extend current or future automotive aftermarket, construction market, RV business or commercial-industrial sector business endeavors.

Team Bullet Liner