What Can You Cover with Bullet Liner™?

As much as we love trucks, when you look at the myriad ways Bullet Liner™ offers true High Caliber Protection, we know you have to think outside the bed.  Bullet Liner’s spray-on elastomer protective coating offers a whole new generation of protection for everything around you – and it’s NOT just for truck beds anymore.


That’s right:  Anything that you want to protect – from scuffs, minor dents, erosion, and weathering from the most brutal storm, to the most blistering heat that Mother Nature can serve up – will be safeguarded with the addition of Bullet Liner’s premium spray-on bed liner.  The applications for Bullet Liner spray-on bed liner are virtually endless.  In addition to truck bed and off-road vehicle applications, Bullet Liner’s spray-on coating is also perfect for trailer floors and exteriors, utility and commercial trucks, big rigs, boats and other marine equipment, recreational vehicles, speaker boxes, playground equipment, skateboards, gym equipment, surfboards and more.


There’s a reason that Bullet Liner has been tested, tried, and has made the grade when used on race and chase vehicles in the prestigious Baja 1000.  It’s the same reason that Bullet Liner spray-on bed liner has persevered even in subzero conditions found in the Denali wilderness of Alaska.  And, why Bullet Liner’s scientifically advanced, non-fade color matching has helped protect against the elements – time and time again – to ensure a great factory installed look, even after months and years of exposure.  “Bullet Lined” vehicles emerge scratch, scuff and puncture free, with a color vibrancy that is unmatched in the spray-on protective coating arena.


Here are just a few of our favorite Bullet Liner applications:


Trucks, of course. 

You already know that Bullet Liner was made for truck beds.  But did you know that Bullet Liner works just as well when sprayed on fenders, wheel wells, bumpers, running boards, light bars, hard tonneau covers, or across the entire pick up truck surface exterior to keep your vehicle looking in top shape, even in the most extreme conditions?  Our spray-on bedliner also offers truck owners another surprising additional benefit:  It helps drivers and passengers to actually enjoy a quieter ride (by dampening and insulating road noise), while at the same time providing superior protection against stains from harsh chemicals, rust and other corrosive damage.


ATVs, UTVs and Jeeps. 

If your off-road “toys” take the ultimate abuse, then Bullet Liner is a must-have to protect against mud, flying rocks and other debris dished up by the toughest trails.  Bullet Liner’s tough, but attractive, polyurea finish provides an almost indestructible barrier, while still delivering a stylized, custom ride that will have friends gawking at your off-road buggy’s killer good looks.


Trailer ready. 

If you use your utility truck for hauling a serious load – or you have a trailer that takes a beating, for example, on the auto racing circuit – then the high-tensile strength of Bullet Liner’s spray-on bed liner delivers the performance and safety you need.  Bullet Liner’s technologically advanced polyurea coating improves footing on, in, and around the most heavy-duty equipment settings.  Because it’s especially favorable in wet conditions, Bullet Liner helps to keep cargo secure and in place and prevents the slipping and sliding that can cause injuries and damage to operators and vehicles.


Are you into horse racing?  Do you enjoy PRCA rodeo events?  No problem!  Bullet Liner is also an exceptional tool for protecting all varieties of equine hauling equipment.


Boats, jets skis, surfboards and more. 

Bullet Liner truck bedliner also rides just as well on the surf as it does on the road.  Our watertight properties provide a secure barrier between water and boat hulls or decks.  Additionally, because Bullet Liner truck bedliner also adheres to virtually any surface, it’s especially adept at protecting metal boats from rust and corrosion – adding years to your marine investment, and improving resale value.  For boats that sit in dry dock and bake in the reflective sun day in and day out, Bullet Liner’s UV protectant keeps watercraft looking in top shape with no discoloring or fading.  And, our slip resistant finish provides more “grip” on the deck, making it a safety feature add that helps ensure a more secure footing in the harbor or out on rough water.   Bullet Liner can even help prolong the exterior life of a Jet Ski.  And, for anyone into surfing, it can help to keep expensive surfboards looking newer and reduce the effects of excessive weathering or scratching and potential damage in transit to and from the beach.


Any item or investment you care about—and want to protect. 

Bullet Liner’s elastomer coating isn’t just reserved for expensive vehicles.  Anything that you care about and want to keep safe can benefit from a coating of Bullet Liner spray-on truck bedliner:  Work boots, guitar cases, skateboards, play equipment, safes and file cabinets, garage shelving and other storage equipment, bike racks, and hard luggage – you name and we can spray it!


For more information or to check out some of the alternate product uses for our Bullet Liner truck bedliner, please visit the Applications page on our website.


Live well and play harder.  Bullet Liner’s High-Caliber Protection has you covered.


Team Bullet Liner