Welcome to Our New Dealers

Since the beginning of the year, Bullet Liner has proudly welcomed a number of new non-franchised dealers to our network family. New members have flocked to the Bullet Liner brand because they’re drawn to the benefits of our “Un” Franchised Alternative. Bullet Liner offers all of the advantages and revenue generating opportunities of a “be your own boss” entrepreneurial business—self-employment, flexible hours, and the ability to build onto an existing retail model—but without the restrictions of typical franchise networks. We don’t force our new dealers to modify their storefront designs, or conform to rigid financial and logistical guidelines that inhibit their “Freedom to Perform”—and we certainly don’t curtail their ability to grow independently and reap all the rewards of self-ownership.

What Bullet Liner does do, however, is equip our dealers with the chance to be the most lucrative spray-on bedliner operation in their area. When a new dealer signs up with Bullet Liner, we provide not only the best customer service in the industry, but complete on-site dedicated training, a committed local sales rep, ongoing marketing and sponsorship opportunities, a limited lifetime product warranty, trade show assistance, Graco-certified technology and more.

Additionally, there’s one thing many of our new dealers cite as the number one reason they chose Bullet Liner ownership: The opportunity to increase their sales without reconfiguring their entire current business. We take pride in our integrative approach that lets new dealers easily and affordability make Bullet Liner a revenue generating business add-on without a lot of upfront hassle – and we give them the easy step-by-step tools to become quickly operational. Another such tool is a FREE turnkey new personalized website so that they can start alerting local retail patrons about the availability of high-caliber spray-on bedliner protection as quickly as possible. Having a personal website allows our dealers to take advantage of more sales opportunities within the red-hot protective coatings marketplace without an excessive upfront expenditure.

This week, we’d like to officially welcome our most recent new dealers to the Bullet Liner team:

All of these operators have begun spraying truck bed liner within the last 30 days—out of their existing facilities—without significantly having to retrofit their operation or physical set-up. When you join up with Bullet Liner, we send the equipment – and you start growing your business.

Small business is what America was built on – and if you’ve ever wanted to explore entrepreneurship, becoming a Bullet Liner dealer is a low-risk, high upside chance to get your feet wet. Mom and pop ownership offers myriad benefits, but having the support of corporate generated leads like Bullet Liner can provide is a game changer that can directly impact bottom-line results. If you believe that non-franchised ownership of a spray on truck bedliner shop—selling elastomer protective coating that can be used for multiple applications beyond truck, Jeep, ATV and trailers—please contact a Bullet Liner rep in your area.

And welcome again to the above new additions to our Bullet Liner dealer family!

Team Bullet Liner

Photo: The new Bullet Liner Spray shop at Bullet Liner of Central Mass in Holden, MA—now open and ready for business!