Celebrating our Accella Credentials

The Bullet Liner brand is proudly rooted in a robust technology heritage that goes back three decades.  Our company was originally founded as part of Burtin Polymer Labs, the entity that literally pioneered the entire truck bed liner category more than 30 years ago.  Because of these historic category “roots,” Bullet Liner has always had a close connection to what drives our industry – a passion for outdoor enthusiast interests, a love for trucking and the off-road experience, and a push to excel in all areas of product development.  

Bullet Liner strives to produce a spray-on truck bed liner solution that our customers can be proud of – an elastomer sealant product designed to keep up with the demands of their active, on-the-road lifestyle.  We know that people who purchase Bullet Liner protective spray for their pick-up, ATV, Jeep or off-road vehicle do so because they are concerned about what their vehicle looks like at the end of the day – and they’re interested in preserving the value of their investment.  We also appreciate the fact that anyone who cares for their ride enough to purchase a Bullet Liner usually possesses a strong “pride in ownership.”

The relationship between the Bullet Liner brand and the vehicle owners we serve (who are the lifeblood of our business) is similar to the relationship between our dealer network and parent company, Accella Performance Materials.  Both partnerships are built on reciprocity and an appreciation for quality.

In late 2015, Bullet Liner had the good fortune of being acquired by Accella, the leading independent polyurethane technology and solutions house in North America.  Accella chemistry spans a wide variety of industrial, commercial and consumer product offerings.  The company’s innovative, high-performance polyurethane systems include binders, flexible and rigid foams, elastomers, casting resins, surface and specialty coatings, adhesives and recycled rubber products.  Accella also markets spray polyurethane foam insulation, roofing and protective coatings, as well as industry-leading polyurethane liquid tire fill.  Whenever polyurethanes are involved, Accella brings significant technical application experience to the market to meet a variety of business development needs – and the Bullet Liner brand benefits greatly from the R&D and science platform of our parent company.

This month, we are celebrating these corporate “credentials” that enable Bullet Liner to keep on growing to the next level.  Accella Performance Materials has just launched its new corporate online portal, located at www.accellacorp.com.  The website, which serves as a hub for all of the Accella family of companies and products, including Bullet Liner, reflects the brand’s commitment to being a technology innovator, focused on eco-friendly polyurethane and elastomer technology and recycled rubber products.  

The Bullet Liner network will now also be able to access additional product resources from the Accella main site, as well as more in-depth information about the company’s sustainable practices and commitment to eco-friendly green solutions.

The new site was designed with the user experience in mind – catering to business-to-business, end user and aftermarket needs alike – and will serve as an invaluable tool to both the Bullet Liner dealer community and our enthusiast loyalists who appreciate the technology behind our protective sealant line.  For ease of use, AccellaCorp.com is compatible with multiple browsers and fully optimized for simplified mobile viewing.

If you’re a customer new to the benefits of polyurea spray-on bed liner, please feel free to visit the new site to learn more about Bullet Liner’s product development credentials.  If you’re a dealer interested in affiliating with a world-class, non-franchised network, the new www.AccellaCorp.com can shed additional light on why our network offers the marketing muscle and corporate-generated leads to help your non-franchised Bullet Liner shop flourish.  WIth nine production facilities across the United States, one in Europe and one in China, Accella is growing at lightening speed and our progress paves the way for every prospective Bullet Liner dealer looking to join our network.  

We hope you will take a moment to check it out!

Team Bullet Liner