Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Summer Off-Roading

So you have your off-road beast oiled up and ready to roar this June.  Your trek is mapped out and your gear is packed.  What else can you do to better equip your vehicle for affordable and easy on or off-trail riding thrills?

Here are several tried and true tips and hacks from the veteran dirt devils here at Bullet Liner, the team that has brought you the market’s most trusted spray on bed liner, to ensure that your vehicle is protected and your journey doesn’t break your bank.

First of all, before you even leave the city boundaries, make sure you have a way to mark your progress and destination on the trail.  Invest in an inexpensive GPS unit that can track your coordinates en route.  Models like eTrex® from Garmin (or other off-road equipment vendors widely available on Amazon) will do the trick nicely.

Bring along a CB or HAM radio in case you break down out of cellular range.  And always invest in appropriate recovery equipment like tow hooks and a winch, all the right troubleshooting tools (including tire repair and first aid kits), and a reliable fire extinguisher.

Second, any ATV, UTV, Jeep or pick-up truck that is coated with Bullet Liner’s spray on protection will fair far better when hit with rocks, mud and road debris.  Designed to withstand nearly any torture that Mother Nature can throw your way, Bullet’s Liner’s premium elastomer truck bedliner safeguards against road wear and tear, and it even mitigates some dents and dings, to keep your vehicle in prime shape – before and after your excellent adventure.

Not just for truck beds anymore, Bullet Liner spray on bed liner can be used on fenders, wheel wells, bumpers, grills, running boards, and across the entire exterior – and interior – of your off-road machine.  It’s a simple measure of insurance for your investment that that can be easily obtained at a Bullet Liner dealer in your area.  Our custom spray protective sealant will help keep your equipment looking sharp time and time again no matter how extreme and hard you play out on the trail.

Third, ensure that you have the right lightweight tools as part of your gear pack.  It’s great to have gee-whiz items like the latest Yeti® cooler, but if you’re on a budget and want to hit the trails affordably and with as little fuss and hassle as possible, shore up on the “basics,” before investing in the extras.

Consider picking up an all-in-one ratcheting wrench to help solve a slew of potential malfunctions when you’re in the back county.  According to Four Wheeler magazine, the ReadyWrench from Black+Decker is available in the 16 most widely used metric socket sizes.  In most scenarios, a tool like this will be a one-stop solution to fixing a host of menacing problems while on the road.

Fourth, for all of the areas that Bullet Liner truck bed liner spray CAN cover, it can’t protect humans who are unshielded from the elements – and a full day or week-long dose of blistering sun can take a fast toll.  Consider this hack for creating a homemade soft top:  To cover your roll cage, simply “zip-line” or attach a sheet or old blanket to block out those irritating rays on an open-top rig.  Or if heavy rain is in your forecast, flip the plastic ground sheet (designed for your sleeping gear) over your vehicle for some impromptu protection.

Fifth, don’t neglect your tires.  At Bullet Liner, we’re in the business of providing the High Caliber Protection your vehicle needs to keep its body, bed and gear in top shape.   But when it comes to choosing your tires, that’s an even more important matter.  And, any serious off-roader knows that the most critical areas of vehicle maintenance, safety and performance revolve around your tire choice.

Invest in a quality brand like BF Goodrich All Terrain, Mickey Thompson Baja Claws, Dick Cepek Extreme Country, or Interco Super Swampers.  When you’re driving, mind the trail conditions and adapt with proper gear shifting.  According to Popular Mechanics, when the mud is especially deep and thick, your wheels can’t grab enough traction.  Try shifting up into a high gear to increase your wheel speed – letting natural centrifugal force free your tires and create more areas to grip and grab.

Whenever the trail takes you this summer, remember to take along a buddy – and plenty of water to treat potentially overheated people and machines – and also always know your road and weather conditions.  But most importantly, be sure to tap that ultimate, no holds barred exhilaration when you unleash your personal mud machine full-bore on the mountain.


Team Bullet Liner