Colour Your World with Bullet Liner™

Vibrant colours.  They can help bring your most prized physical assets to life, and assist in distinguishing and selling your “brand.”  The use of rich, bold shades makes a statement about the various outward-facing, physical investments that represent your organisation or livelihood as an independent proprietor.  And, at Bullet Liner™, we understand and appreciate the role that rich colours can play when it comes to keeping your gear, vehicles and equipment looking in top shape.

Our premier elastomer protective coating comes in a variety of existing and customizable colour tones—in fact, our certified spray coating applicators across Europe, Asia and in Latin America can replicate just about every hue on the colour wheel.  We can easily “specialty match” your existing colour schemes and PMS collection—whether its for an auto, truck, trailer, cargo van, motorbike, RV, off-road vehicle or virtually any other physical surface that you’d like to better preserve.

Bullet Liner technology is recognized as the go-to source across the globe for High Calibre Protection for your most valuable products, vehicles, and equipment exteriors and interiors.  When it comes to providing tough, durable, non-scratch coating, Bullet Liner is the gold standard in the industry.  Our world-class chemists and R&D literally pioneered and built the spray-on sealant category nearly three decades ago.  Since that time, we’ve been proudly helping our customers to maintain their ROI on the products and surfaces that matter most.

Bullet Liner delivers a high-tensile strength sealant that is impervious to typical wear-and-tear on the job.  It helps to mitigate the type of easily sustained damage that can quickly denigrate the value of vehicles, commercial machinery, and even industrial vessels such as chemical and water storage tank exteriors.  In autos and trucks of all sizes, flying roadside debris such as mud and rocks can scuff, dent and ding vehicle exteriors and can readily affect the overall positive appearance of your investment—and reduce potential resale opportunities.

Bullet Liner resellers typically come from a variety of backgrounds—most prominently from the automotive, commercial utility or industrial products or storage space. But Harsze notes that the most important quality in a new Bullet Liner reseller is their entrepreneurial spirit and know-how—along with the ability to “build and manage a large applicator network, commanding the resources, business ties and in-market knowledge” of a particular geographic region. Their role, once established is to recruit localized Bullet Liner polyurea spray applicators—providing them with the training, education, and infrastructure to grow a flourishing business and attract customer demand.

Bullet Liner Colour Preservation on Truck Bed

But Bullet Liner coatings also play an absolutely integral role in colour preservation.  Our elastomer formulation won’t fade, crack or peel—period!  Additionally, Bullet Liner offers UV protection to ensure that spray coated vehicle surfaces that bake in the hot sun won’t lose their colour brilliance—regardless of the heat intensity.  Alternately, surfaces coated with our elastomer sealant won’t lose their colour lustre in the face of extreme cold or sub-zero temperatures.

Bullet Liner spray coating is colour-safe and bleed-safe, and has been tested in rigorous laboratory conditions to ensure its resilience.  We subject our formulations to the toughest conditions—in varying heat, cold, humidity, moisture and dryness environmental recreations—to make certain our colour applications can withstand substantial abuse.  Time after time, Bullet Liner colours have stood up to the elements.  We believe its important that your vehicle or machinery maintains a uniform tone across all exterior exposed surfaces…from the wheel well, to the fender, to the bumper, to the truck bed.

Why is this important?  A vehicle’s appearance can serve as a “moving billboard” for any organisation’s brand.  A positive appearance can enhance the opportunity to sell your products or services, but a negative exterior look (with chipping, bubbling or faded colour) can actually detract from your reputation. This is especially true for companies or individuals whose livelihood depends on the quality and sophistication of transportation equipment.  For example, a vehicle fleet must be kept in top shape to attract new business and grow its customer base.  Bullet Liner can be an indelible partner for companies working in this sector because it provides a cost-effective technology solution that extends the life cycle of exterior surfaces across—not just months—but years, following initial application.

For details on Bullet Liner technology and available solutions to protect a host of personal, commercial and industrial products and equipment from water, rust, corrosion, road debris, chemicals and environmental damage—while also keeping colours as sharp and bright as the day they’re applied—explore our website.