Looking Back on a Banner Year for Bullet Liner

Bullet Liner—a top North American manufacturer and marketer of protective spray-on coatings for the pick-up truck, automotive, off-road/recreational vehicle, and commercial equipment fields—has continued to expand as a leading player in the profitable elastomer sealant space.  Following a series of successful growth initiatives this past year, Bullet Liner added new dealers to its North American network throughout 2020—increasing the size of its non-franchised member base and its volume of business.

Rooted in a heritage of ingenuity that goes back 30+ years, Bullet Liner was originally founded by Burtin Polymer Labs—the team that pioneered and established the entire spray-on bedliner and polyurea coatings industry.  Following its acquisition in late 2015 by Accella Performance Materials, the leading independent polyurethane systems house in North America, and then in 2017 by global multi-national corporation and technology giant Carlisle Companies, Bullet Liner’s product development team gained access to the world’s top polymer technology chemists and scientific talent arsenal.  Today, the company infuses 4th generation innovation and extensive R&D to create the most durable, premium protective coating available anywhere on the market.

According to Bullet Liner’s leadership team, the brand experienced strong expansion domestically throughout 2020.  Current and new dealer operators alike embraced the company’s ‘Un’ Franchised Dealer Alternative model and recognized the positive growth and revenue opportunities offered by the red-hot elastomer protective coatings marketplace.

Bullet Liner dealers typically come from a variety of backgrounds—most prominently from the automotive aftermarket, reseller or mechanic fields.  Many also stem from the off-road and motorcycle enthusiast communities, as well as from the commercial-utility space—and a number of dealers are ex-military.

The most important quality in new Bullet Liner dealers is their entrepreneurial spirit and know-how—along with the ability to build and manage their own independent shop.  Aspiring operator candidates are also encouraged to expand or adapt their existing automotive or pick-up truck maintenance business—to extend their revenue line with the addition of Bullet Liner spray services.

Bullet Liner provides new shop operators with all of the necessary training, education, and infrastructure support to make starting up a new Bullet Liner non-franchised shop easy.  Bullet Liner is also pleased to provide lead generation support to help our dealer entrepreneurs to establish and grow a flourishing new business “pipeline”—set-up to attract customer demand.

When new dealers sign on to become a part of the global Bullet Liner network, they enjoy the benefits of a unique retail opportunity in a rapidly accelerating industry space—free from the shackles of traditional franchised ownership.  Growth opportunities for dedicated high performers are typically commensurate with the general expansion of the Bullet Liner brand in markets around the country and the globe.  As part of the Bullet Liner relationship, new dealers receive a strong return on investment on their product purchase and operation costs, along with certified technical support.

On the customer experience side, Bullet Liner end users have discovered why the brand’s elastomer spray-on coating delivers the highest performance in the category.  It comes as no surprise that dealers and customers alike have all been pleased with the technology’s quality, consistency, and durability.  The brand’s technical applications include everything from automotive and pick-up truck exterior surfaces (including bedliners, wheel wells, bumpers, fenders, and more), transportation and utility applications (for cargo van fleets, semi-trucks, and commercial machinery and equipment), and even marine vessel exteriors and boat decks.

Virtually any surface or physical asset that is vulnerable to wear and tear, abrasion, stress from road debris or extreme heat or weathering conditions can benefit from a coating of Bullet Liner.  The technology also has extensive applications for personal, household, and recreational use—protecting items such as toolboxes, skateboard, surfboards, snowboards, work boots, play equipment, yard furniture, RVs, ATV/UTVs, dirt bikes, and more.  Bullet Liner’s high-tensile strength material is impervious to dents, scratches, and dings and provides a permanent layer of protection that is hassle-free and easy to maintain.  Additionally, Bullet Liner comes in a variety of colors designed to match existing paint jobs and surfaces, and it won’t fade, crack, or peel—even when baking in sunlight or enduring cold temperatures.

Learn more about opportunities to join our Bullet Liner North American family as a new dealer member here—and discover how Bullet Liner technology can safeguard and protect valuable investments.  Check out a future with Bullet Liner and take the first step to “becoming your own boss” today in the lucrative protective coatings field.