More Clothes, More Gear, More Swag!

The Bullet Liner dealer store has robust merch in stock now!  Don’t miss out on end of summer deals on cool gear, apparel, branded swag and in-store marketing support items.  Whether you’re a Bullet Liner applicator looking to hook up your shop with lots of great branded collateral to help drive sell-through and up your sales—or a consumer truck or automotive enthusiast seeking out cool logoed attire for yourself or as a gift idea — either way, we’ve got you covered this summer and fall.

Bullet Liner unveiled its new Online Merchandise Store in Summer 2020—and since that time, we’ve grown to a whole new level!  As a thank you to all the Bullet Liner fans, automotive and truck enthusiasts, and applicators who have checked us out, we’ve stocked up with even more selections—and better inventory—than ever before.  Due to popular demand and consumer interest in the Bullet Liner brand, everyone can now conveniently shop for branded promotional supplies and gear—everything from hats, t-shirts, and jackets to koozies, camp chairs and more.  And for applicators, there’s no better way to grow your spray-on coating business or aftermarket repair shop than to offer customers and visitors “high-caliber” collateral and apparel—available for both men and women, all at an easy click of a button.

The online shop is located at  And even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re pleased to be able to offer a full line of items to share the buzz about the exceptional quality and stylings that Bullet Liner has to offer for the remainder of 2021, and the 2022 season ahead.

For Dealers:  The Bullet Liner Online Merchandise Store provides dealers with the promotional items needed to really enhance the in-store and virtual retail and customer service experience.  We offer a host of NEW marketing support tools—including branded in-store collateral, sales gear, and items for in-store promotion, giveaways and more—to heighten general brand awareness and attract more customers to your shop.

Sample items include:

  • 9’ Razor sail sign replacement flags
  • 50 pack of in-store retail brochures
  • 3”x8” decals
  • 25 pack of fleet brochures
  • 11”x17” in-store countertop mats
  • 25 pack of 2”x4” plastic plates
  • 2 pack of 18”x24” laminated posters
  • Countertop retail brochure display
  • Standard branded 10’ tent kit…and much more

Bullet Liner’s convenient e-store provides full-service support and fulfillment.  (Please visit our online store for shipping and delivery logistics and details.)

For Consumers:  Our valued Bullet Liner fans can enjoy the same online shopping access and privileges as our dealer network to obtain a variety of branded swag with an easy, one-stop online shopping experience.  We have an exciting array of fresh inventory to peruse virtually including accessories (such as branded tools, coolers, chairs and tumblers) and an expanded list of apparel for men and women.  Customers can find cool threads in all sizes, along with head gear items like branded face coverings and beanies.  Fulfillment is simple, affordable and fast—and Bullet Liner items make great gifts for friends, family members and colleagues.

Why choose Bullet Liner in the first place?

The answer is simple.  Only Bullet Liner provides the industry’s best premium elastomer coating to protect your pick-up truck, auto, van, ATV, motorcycle or RV.  Bullet Liner pioneered the spray-on truck bedliner industry nearly thirty years ago, establishing a foothold in the marketplace as Burtin Polymer Labs.  Our original technology—which introduced automotive and pick-up truck enthusiasts and operators to the benefits of our “no fade”/”no-ding” elastomer exterior surface protection—was a game changer for anyone looking to extend the lifecycle on their vehicle and enhance their return on investment.  Since then, Bullet Liner has grown worldwide to become a leader in high-tensile strengthen polymer sealants.

Bullet Liner formulations offer durable, reliable coating that won’t crack, bubble or peel—even after repetitive use and exposure.  Our UV color matching allows customers to mimic virtually any existing paint color—and it’s impervious to even the most extreme weather extremes and unforgiving hours baking in direct sunlight and uber high heat.  Ideal for any truck or ATV owner whose ride takes the ultimate beating, Bullet Liner is your partner on the trail:  Flying rocks, mud, debris and all the other abuse Mother Nature can dish out on the back roads of the most difficult routes in North America are no match for our heavy-duty exterior protection.  And once you’re sold on why Bullet Liner is the only brand to provide the “Tough Love for Your Ride” that your automobile, truck, van or ATV deserves, you can help us to spread the word about our high caliber protection to others.

Please visit us and check out the latest offerings at our e-store.  New merchandise is added periodically.  If there is particular inventory you’d like to see online that we don’t currently have available or in-stock, please make sure to let us know and we’ll be happy to try to accommodate your request.