Top It Off with Bullet Liner™

Did you know that Bullet Liner™ high-tensile strength sealant and protective coating solutions aren’t just for the automotive or commercial/industrial equipment space?  That’s right—the applications for our heavy-duty elastomer sealant extend to a host of other utility purposes.  While our protective spray-on coating is ideal to protect automotive equipment, machinery, tools and other work and recreational equipment, our technology is also widely used within the commercial roofing industry.

Punishing weather and environmental changes can do a number on outdoor equipment and buildings.  Often, its roofing systems that can benefit the most from additional forms of protection from frigid cold temperatures in the winter and blistering heat and sun damage during the hot summer months.

An unprotected facility—such as a factory plant, commercial building, school, warehouse or other structure—can be seriously compromised by roof damage and denigration.  Bullet Liner spray-on coating offers a unique and sustainable elastomer polyurea based environmental protectant that quickly bonds to surfaces upon application—sealing out water from morning moisture, as well as intermittent rain storms, snow and fog.  These temperate weather conditions can erode roof surfaces when left unprotected—causing unwanted and costly water damage and unnecessary repairs.

In summer weather, Bullet Liner protects against the blistering heat and minimizes typical sun damage.  Also, it won’t crack, fade or peel regardless of temperature extremes.

In addition to roofing protection, Bullet Liner can also be applied to siding, stairways and other utility equipment on or around a building facility that could benefit from additional durability and resilience.  Plus, the technology’s “no grip/no slip” surface protection offers additional footing traction and stability for workers who are conducting repairs in around roof surfaces or other structures.

In addition to offering reliable surface protection—that won’t peel, fade, chip or bubble—for traditional boats, Bullet Liner also can protect your investment in a variety of other marine-related equipment that can take the same beating on the water. Whether you’re into windsurfing, standup paddleboarding, Jet Skiing, water skiing, or other ocean, lake or river-related recreational past times, the same technology solutions are available to keep your investments—and their potential resale value—strong.

Learn more about the many commercial and industrial uses for Bullet Liner technology and discover how this all-purpose exterior sealant can help to protect your business’ most valuable assets and manpower.

Team Bullet Liner