Putting a Spotlight on the Australian Construction Market

Bullet Liner (www.BulletLiner.com), the leading global manufacturer of elastomer protective coating, will increase its technology availability and presence on the Australian continent in 2024. In light of this expansion, let’s take a look at the state of the local Aussie construction marketplace and how it bodes well for new Bullet Liner dealer and member network members—essentially, potential future distributor and applicator candidates looking to get involved in this highly lucrative business sector.

First off, what’s all the buzz about Bullet Liner? Bullet Liner technology pioneered the spray-on polyurea coatings space more than three decades ago, and the brand is now leading the way on the international stage for innovation in the spray-on elastomer category. Bullet Liner polyurea formulations offer unbeatable durability and scratch resistance for a variety of hard surfaces, including vehicle and transportation equipment exteriors, building siding, roofing, and plumbing and industrial container exteriors. Comprised of premium polyurea material, Bullet Liner technology safeguards exposed exterior surfaces against inclement weather, baking heat and sunlight, rust, corrosion and more—to deliver “high caliber protection” in the face of extreme temperatures, dents, dings and aging denigration, making it an ideal support solution for the construction space.

Bullet Liner formulations are sold internationally through a growing network of regional distributors (called “resellers”) and local spray-on coating services operators (“applicators”). The company is currently looking to expand operations in the Australian marketplace, in large part due to the buoyant anticipated growth within the building and development field.

Why is this the right time to invest further in Australian construction-related industries?

Bullet Liner technology is ready made to support multiple facets of the construction work space—and specifically increase the value of a host of project management-related assets. Additionally, the regional Australian construction market, in general, is ripe for related investments, especially in the areas of materials supply chain management and job site logistics. 

As we move into 2024, experts agree that the Australian construction market is closely tethered to the health of the overall national economy—and as the country’s general infrastructure continues to rebound, so does the state of the building and development sector. According to the recently released state-of-the-market report from the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS), the assessment finds that “while the Australian economy still faces challenges, the outlook is one of overall optimism.” The report notes that a “downward trend in inflation is expected to continue due to eased supply constraints and reduced domestic activity pressures.”

Overall, experts believe that the Australian construction market will grow—and Bullet Liner believes that it will also be ripe with opportunities for adjunct business investment, such as in the protective spray coatings space, a field that “touches” multiple facets of the building and development marketplace.

How can interested applicants “get involved”?

One of the unique features of Bullet Liner membership is that the company’s network is not based on a regular franchise model. The brand does, however, offer most all the benefits of traditional franchise membership—such as corporate lead generation, marketing support, centralized applicator training protocols and more—without the overly onerous financial constraints typical with regular franchise networks.

  • In the area of reseller recruitment, Bullet Liner is looking for entrepreneurs, corporate investors, holding companies, supply goods distributors, major construction players and other related entities looking to establish a growing network of operator-applicators across Australia, with the heaviest concentration in the Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales regions.
  • In the area of applicator recruitment, Bullet Liner is looking for current spray shop operators, automotive aftermarket materials and goods suppliers, automotive renovation shops, carpentry shops, parts dealers, commercial and residential contractors, ex-military contractors, and others looking to get into the materials management, mechanical provisions, and logistical side of the development field.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a major industry sector expansion in Australia. Learn more today at www.BulletLiner.com!