Become a Bullet Liner Reseller—Join the Lucrative Spray Coatings Market

Market-leading Bullet Liner™ delivers high performance permanent spray-on coating systems that have become the industry “gold standard” for protecting exterior and interior areas of recreational vehicles, fleet applications, cargo vans, commercial/utility trucks, industrial storage containers, and other unique products.  

Based on more than 30 years of polyurea scientific innovation, Bullet Liner can be used on almost any surface to prevent scratches, scuffs and even mitigate dings and minor dents—ensuring a superior spray-on “shield” that is unmatched in the protective coatings space.  Bullet Liner technology also offers custom coloration and UV protection to guard against sun damage and other weather extremes.  Our durable and resilient sealant won’t crack, fade, peel or bubble, regardless of whether it’s used for recreational or industrial applications. 

Our premier Bullet Liner formulations have been decades in the making.  The technology taps extensive R&D and world class chemistry to protect vehicle and equipment surfaces to extend their longevity and preserve their value.  Bullet Liner technology also creates a grip-tight finish that provides footing safety even on wet surfaces, making it also ideal for flatbed trucks, marine equipment and boat decks.  The applications for Bullet Liner are virtually endless.  In addition to bed liners and off-road vehicle applications, Bullet Liner’s spray-on coating is also perfect for trailer floors, recreational vehicles, speaker boxes, playground equipment, skateboards, gym equipment, surfboards and more. 

Bullet Liner is applied by highly trained spray-on coating technicians.  These technicians are certified owner-operators—known as “applicators”—located across the European continent and in other global markets in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.  Because Bullet Liner application is a natural extension of other automotive aftermarket customized services, it offers a lucrative income opportunity for aftermarket repair shop owners, industrial product designers, and others with related field experience looking to either add to their existing revenue stream—or create a new, independent entrepreneurial business venture. 

Bullet Liner applicators are overseen by our global network of Bullet Liner’s regionally based “resellers”—entities which offer centralized support and infrastructure for local networks of non-franchised applicators.  Resellers are typically organized and identified by country or other close geographies.  

Bullet Liner is currently recruiting qualified reseller candidates—offering them the opportunity to become new additions to the brand’s successful worldwide network. 

Why become a Bullet Liner International reseller?

There are numerous advantages to affiliating with the global Bullet Liner brand, now a market leader and powerhouse within the red-hot spray on protective coatings industry.  Bullet Liner provides the resources, technology and market support to our reseller network to allow each reseller—regardless of geographical location—to become highly lucrative localized managers.

Specific benefits include:

  • Unmatched world class training
  • Qualified lead generation
  • Certification tools for new Bullet Liner applicators
  • Marketing support materials
  • Promotional incentives
  • Ongoing support and resources

In addition, all new reseller partners will receive the ability to join a globally recognized brand leader in the protective elastomer sealant category—giving them an upper hand in attracting and recruiting suitable applicator prospects.

The ideal Bullet Liner reseller candidate is an individual entrepreneur or company that is passionate about brand building and growing a business network within a given country, territory or region.  Resellers typically establish a thriving network of spray-on elastomer applicators supported by lead referrals, training and marketing programs from the Bullet Liner parent organization.

Our Bullet Liner reseller network is a non-franchised member program.  It offers all the marketing advantages and partnership growth incentives of a traditional franchised network, but without the usual franchise system constraints and limitations that many prospects find to be overly binding—making it a unique, attractive offering for qualified participants.  

If Bullet Liner reseller membership sounds right for you or your business partners, our leadership team would like to connect.  Please contact Mr. Greg Harsze, International Sales Manager, Carlisle TyrFil GmbH and Bullet Liner™ global liaison, for more information at or at +49 (0) 231 534 679.