Construction in Turkey Expected to Surge during Coming Three Years

Looking to create a new entrepreneurial business in Turkey or expand existing operations related to the construction, logistics, and defence fields? Bullet Liner International is looking for qualified candidates in Istanbul and other key Turkish metropolitan markets to become a part of the leading global network within the successful spray-on polyurea industry!

What role does Bullet Liner play in the construction marketplace?

Bullet Liner was an early innovator and developer in the field of spray-on protective elastomer coatings. The company entered the field as an early pioneer of the technology more than 30 years ago—and has since grown to become an international leader within the polyurea protective materials category. Bullet Liner elastomer formulations deliver durable, premium protective coatings for a variety of hard surfaces, including construction vehicle and transportation equipment exteriors, building roofing and siding, industrial storage containers, plumbing equipment and piping, and more. Not only does Bullet Liner technology safeguard exposed exterior surfaces against weather damage, excessive sun exposure, corrosion from inclement climate, and premature surface area wear and tear, but it also actually shields physical assets from dents, dings, and color fading. Bullet Liner helps to keep construction vehicles and other gear in top working shape and protects a job site’s most important physical assets—allowing project advisors to stay focused on timeline compliance and cost management.

How will Bullet Liner operate within the Turkish market?

Bullet Liner technology is available in a host of global markets—and the company is internally organized in the form of a robust member-dealer network. Bullet Liner formulations are sold internationally via regional distributors (called “resellers”) that organize and oversee local spray-on elastomer coatings operators (also known as “applicators”). Bullet Liner is presently looking to significantly expand its already robust international network through a dedicated recruitment program in the Turkish marketplace to support anticipated growth in the construction field and other increased infrastructure spending in the region.

Why invest in the construction-related field in Turkey in the coming months?

According to a study from, “Recent trends and forecasts in the Turkish construction sector highlight significant developments and potential growth from 2023 to 2027, underpinned by infrastructural investments and a rebound in building permits.” These and other factors outlined in the study “affirm the sector’s promising outlook.” While there will be anticipated small percentage adjustments in 2024, the most prominent expansion is expected between 2025 and 2027. And, as the construction market grows (along with developments in other logistics fields such as defence), a multitude of opportunities will open up for individual entrepreneurs and businesses across Turkey looking to get involved in related fields of investment. And, to this end, the polyurea surface protective coatings category offers one such highly lucrative market that is ripe with opportunities for qualified candidates who are interested in becoming a part of the Bullet Liner network.

Is participation in the Bullet Liner global member-network right for my business?

Bullet Liner membership sets itself apart from typical franchise business networks because it doesn’t require the same stringent financial and contractual obligations from its members. The brand does, however, deliver nearly the same benefits as traditional franchise membership—including marketing support, training and certification, corporate lead generation, and so much more.

How to get involved:

There are two ways to join the Bullet Liner global network: As a regional “reseller” or regional operator “applicator.”

Resellers: Bullet Liner is looking for entrepreneurs, corporate investors, holding companies, supply goods distributors, major construction players and other related entities in Turkey to apply to become the regional reseller for the nation. The role of the reseller will be to then recruit and train a network of local spray-on coating services applicators.

Applicators: In turn, the company is looking to extensively recruit new applicators to physically apply Bullet Liner’s elastomer coating product to construction equipment, storage tanks, transportation gear and other related logistical supplies in metro markets across Turkey. Ideal candidates might be current spray shop operators, automotive aftermarket materials and goods suppliers, automotive renovation shops, carpentry shops, parts dealers, commercial and residential contractors, ex-military contractors, and others looking to get into the logistical side of the Turkish construction equipment and materials industry.

Discover the benefits of becoming part of the highly success global Bullet Liner network and expand your future or existing business within the rapidly growing elastomer coatings field. Learn more today at!