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The resurgence and increasingly popularity of recreational vehicle (RV) and motorhome travel in recent years can, in part, thank the global pandemic for putting a spotlight back on its many advantages. The benefits of self-contained adventure are obvious, but Covid-19 isn’t the only reason that recreational vehicle use has once again continued to soar.

The recreational vehicle trend has been a “go to” source for family fun on the open road for decades. Historically, the first RV was introduced as early as 1910. While this precursor to the current motorhome looked radically different, it did contain a “living space” and sleeping quarters that could support travelers out on the highway. Motorhome use continued to grow through the mid-century and reached a peak in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, though the gas crisis during those latter years caused this mobile living pastime to take some pause.

But the aftermath of the unexpected pandemic in 2020 led to families once again embracing the unique value of RV travel. Here are just a few of the factors that make the motorhome trend one to consider: 

  • Families can enjoy travel in the confines of their own protected “space” (an obvious advantage during the height of the coronavirus).
  • Motorhome travel offers myriad economic advantages, including, but not limited to, the fact that travelers can explore new regions, without the financial overhead limitations of a nightly hotel expense.
  • Of course, the ability to cook and prepare meals while on the road also delivers a huge cost-savings.
  • Traveling together in a smaller space also promotes greater connectivity and family bonding—ideal for parents looking to grow closer to, and share more quality time with, their children of all ages.
  • RV travel also affords additional opportunities to foster social connections with others and make and enhance friendships (whether its meeting new people in communal campgrounds or caravanning with other friends, family and associates, the motorhome lifestyle is rarely a solo venture).
  • Plus, RVing offers the ultimate in convenience and freedom because it enables travelers to go where they want to, when they want to…on their own individual timeline and schedule. What more could vacationers across the globe ask for given today’s busy lifestyle?

Another big appeal of motorhome (or overlander and modified van or trailer) use is the ability to reconnect with, and more deeply experience, the glory of nature and “become one” with the wilderness. This is perhaps one of the more attractive elements of this kind of exploration—and why many families opt for an RV purchase. But what comes along with owning this type of vehicle is the necessity to keep—what can be for many—a substantial investment looking and operating in top shape. This is where Bullet Liner technology comes in.

Bullet Liner is the global leader and category pioneer in spray-on elastomer coatings. Bullet Liner technology is an ideal way for RV owners to keep their vehicle in good condition. Not only does our polyurea protective coating safeguard against minor dents, dings, abrasions, and damage from flying road debris, but it also helps to protect exterior coloration. Bullet Liner coatings can match nearly any hue in the color palette, and, unlike a traditional factory paint job, it won’t fade, peel, bubble, chip or flake off—even with months of rigorous use in potentially extreme weather conditions. Whether you prefer traveling in a hot desert climate or taking on the frigid conditions and terrain in the cold season—in the U.S. or in any other part of the world with varying year-round weather conditions—Bullet Liner literally has you covered.

Use of a protective sealant will help to extend not only the longevity of your motorhome, but also its long-term valuation. This is important as many people choose to sell their RV once their children are grown—and since a motorhome purchase can be a costly financial investment, keeping your RV in pristine condition is an economic, as well as an aesthetic, decision.

Plus, Bullet Liner’s heavy-duty coatings aren’t solely designed for use only on external surfaces. They also can help to protect an RV or overlanding vehicle interior—helping to make everything from flooring, siding, seating, and ceilings increasingly durable and resilient across years of heavy use. And doesn’t everyone like to travel and socialize in an environment that is easier to clean and more physically appealing? We can all agree that a well-kept up and maintained motorhome universally adds to the comfort of the relaxing vacation and “get away” experience.

For more information on how Bullet Liner technology can help to keep your RV—or camping and off-roading gear—in “like new” condition, check out more information on our website here.

Team Bullet Liner