A Shout Out to Our Valued Customers

Doesn’t a sincere, heartfelt compliment by your boss at work really make your day great?  The same goes for us here at Bullet Liner.  Delivering quality spray-on bed liner is a passion of ours and we do everything we can to manufacture and market the very best spray on truck bed liner protection available.  People don’t always comment when they love the results of an end product, but when they do, sometimes, we like to give them a high five for noticing.

Whether it’s providing protective coating for a spanking new pick-up truck or a 10-year-old Jeep or ATV, we do our best to offer exceptional service to our valued customers.  When it comes to any of our spray on protection products – from our fade resistant custom spray protective sealant to our color-match technology designed to match the palette of your choice – we try our best to deliver a finished product that will maintain a “showroom ready look.”

Recently, we received some stellar feedback from South Bend, Indiana customer, Wayne D. Gordon:

“I recently had a Bullet Liner installed in my 2017 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 Supercrew by Gem Detailing Elkhart, Indiana through Campbell Ford-Lincoln of Niles, Michigan.  I want to commend them on their professional installation and service.  It is truly a superior product in comparison to the others on the market.”  

We’d like to give Wayne a shout out and thank him for his nice comments.  They speak to Bullet Liner’s inherent service-based philosophy.  Keeping our customers happy is job one for us, and something that our more than 200 non-franchised dealers across North America strive for each and every day.  We’d love to hear from you too!  Please let us know how you feel about the work done by the spray on bed liner professionals who installed your Bullet Liner, and how we can continue to improve upon your experience with us.

So what exactly do our customers appreciate about Bullet Liner?

Product quality:  There are many spray coating application options for truck beds and other vehicles to choose from on the market today.  The industry is crowded with many services, but we seek to deliver a reliable experience with every spray job.

The Bullet Liner brand was founded by Burtin Polymer Labs – the team that pioneered the entire spray-on bedliner category – nearly 30 years ago.  Our technology roots run deep, and our heritage is steeped in a commitment to developing and marketing the highest quality elastomer solutions.  Since Bullet Liner was acquired by Accella Performance Materials in 2015, the market’s leading polyurethane systems house, we’re pleased to be able to offer up additional resources to our customers – and tap the expertise of some of the industry’s top polyurea product chemists.  It’s our endeavor to bring new R&D to bear on a regular basis, and having good science on our side means that we can better protect the vehicles you own and care about from scratches, scrapes, dings, and even some dents.  We want to make sure that you won’t experience fading, peeling or surface denigration—even years after application.

Strong training:  We like to think there’s a bit of an art to applying spray on vehicle bedliner.  The detailed training that we provide to our certified Bullet Liner dealers gives them extra know-how and the signature ability to create an end-product our customers can count on, time and time again.

Graco-certified technology:  Not only are our Bullet Liner team members properly trained with state-of-the-art spray coating application techniques, but also we use Graco spraying equipment.  Graco equipment is among the best in the business and helps to guarantee that our jobs meet customer expectations.

Warranty:  Bullet Liner also offers a warranty on the lifetime of the product.  This way, our customers know they can expect a strong ROI from their truck bed liner spray purchase.  This is something that both our dealers and Bullet Liner buyers appreciate because it gives them extra confidence in our brand.

If you have a pick-up truck, Jeep, ATV/UTV, trailer, boat, RV, hot rod, classic bike or any other hard surface that you’d like to protect, check us out!  Discover the many uses of Bullet Liner spray for vehicles and other products, and see why our customers, like Wayne, go out of their way to share their positive experiences.


Team Bullet Liner