Bullet Liner™ Protective Spray Coating Can Enhance Your Fleet’s Good Looks—and Your Brand’s Road Appeal

Any organization that runs a business model dependent on vehicle transportation is familiar with the importance of effective fleet management and maintenance. Whether it’s providing delivery, utility, construction, hospitality, or maintenance services, a company’s earnings are only as strong as the wheels its profit stream and logistics are literally riding upon.

When it comes to effective fleet management, there are two powerful elements to consider:

One is the mechanical care of vehicles. This includes the functionality of all necessary equipment—from what’s under the hood, to essential parts, equipment, and operability. Transportation managers need to ensure that the vehicles in their fleet won’t break down, are safe at all times, and remain reliable from both an employee and driver perspective. They also need to guarantee that their vehicles are equipped to deliver cargo on time—and in good condition—to valued customers, vendors, and partners.

The second is the appearance and durability of the fleet. This is where Bullet Liner technology comes in. Bullet Liner has been the market leader in spray-on protective coating for the past 30 years. The technology was pioneered by spray-on bedliner innovator, Burtin Polymer Labs. The Burtin team understood early on, in the initial days of the industry, that there was tremendous value to be offered to individual automotive and truck owners—and fleet operators alike—who wanted to keep their vehicles looking in top pristine condition, while also better protecting vehicle surfaces.

After all, any fleet manager knows that a company’s vehicles are a physical representation of that entity’s brand out on the road. A delivery car or truck with vibrant, non-faded color coating, and clean exteriors that are dent, ding, and abrasion free makes a strong impression on the highway—and helps to “sell” the image of the organization. In turn, a fleet that is rundown, with chipped paint, a shoddy finish and a weathered appearance can actually send a negative message about a company and their services.

Additionally, a vehicle that is well cared for holds onto its value and gleans a better return-on-investment throughout its entire life cycle. For a large fleet, where the cars or trucks are the company’s most important hard assets, this translates into serious financial upside. Depending on the line of business, the fleet itself can be an organization’s primary form of equity. For this reason, proper exterior fleet care is a matter of business success, not just good looks on the road.

The high tensile protective strength of Bullet Liner technology provides a watertight sealant that prevents rust, wind, and moisture damage from prematurely aging the life of valued fleet vehicles and equipment. It adheres to almost any surface, providing a lifetime of protection that goes straight to an operator’s bottom-line, protecting against dust, dirt, road debris, flying rocks, scratches, dings, and more. A Bullet Liner application is ideal for fenders, wheel wells, running boards, and a variety of other exterior surfaces—as well as dashboards, floors, and even seats in the interior of vehicles.

Our color-matching system lets fleet operators pick from an extensive palette of colors to complement a business’ existing brand identity. For example, spray on elastomer coating can be designed to match specific logo colors. Unlike traditional vehicle exterior paint, Bullet Liner won’t chip or fade out on the road, or while baking in the sun or on a warehouse back lot. Each of these factors ensures that an organization’s fleet—the essential “work horses” of their company—can stay on the road longer and in better operating shape.

Our protective coating also plays a strong role in promoting safety on-the-job. The varied types of equipment, materials, and precious goods that are prone to dramatic load shifting during turns, quick stops, and bumpy road conditions can lead to injury and other hazardous outcomes during the cargo loading and unloading process. Bullet Liner offers an extra grip footing that helps keep cargo from shifting or sliding in transit—helping to ensure that the cargo arrives safely and undamaged. Additionally, having a non-slip floor helps secure cargo items throughout the fleet journey—improving overall safety conditions for drivers and other team members.

The bottom line is that savvy fleet operators can’t afford not to consider using protective spray coating to keep their vehicles in optimal condition—and Bullet Liner offers a trusted, economical way to bolster the fleets’ value. According to Fleet Owner, when talking about fleet vehicles, a sharp clean appearance really does matter: “…Drivers are happier, your image is enhanced, and your chances of being pulled over lessen with each passing mile.” We think that says it all.

Team Bullet Liner