Putting the Spotlight on Jeep Gladiator Custom Builder John Cirone

Bullet Liner Builder Ambassador John Cirone was the flagship member of the brand’s custom and specialty builder program. His custom Jeep Gladiator rebuild, dubbed “Phoenix Warrior,” is a shining example of how Bullet Liner technology can completely transform a regular vehicle into an impressive, off-roading “mega-machine.”

Cirone is a U.S. Air Force Aerospace Propulsion Mechanic who is also a custom-build hobbyist with a serious passion for vehicle redesigns. He was selected as the pioneering participant in Bullet Liner’s Builder Ambassador program because he represented the essence of what the Bullet Liner brand is all about: Taking an everyday vehicle, old or new, and utilizing our premium elastomer sealant coating to extend its longevity, protect it on back country trails, and ensure that its good looks are preserved, even in the face of harsh elements and abuse on the open road.

For ATV/UTV enthusiasts, overlanders, bike owners and off-roaders whose off-road “toys” take the ultimate abuse, Bullet Liner’s spray-on liner delivers protection against the most rugged abrasion the trail can offer.  Bullet Liner’s tough, but attractive, polyurea grip tight finish provides an almost indestructible barrier of protection for nearly any surface or object subjected to all the love Mother Nature can dole out.  Bullet Liner creates a “shield” around vehicle fenders, wheel wells, and floor pans – as well as the entire exterior of any ATV, UTV or Jeep.

And by undertaking a custom build operation, enthusiasts can ensure that their vehicle represents their own taste, style and sense of good looks. John’s Gladiator was sprayed front to back with our Bullet Liner durable, heavy duty protective coating—to keep the spotlight on its exceptional and unique stylings that include custom patriot inner fenders, a U.S. flag interior, custom 4”-long arm suspension, 30 rock lights, a roof rack & more. Tricked out for the most rugged off-road trail riding, this supped up recreational vehicle is also ready for overnight camping—capitalizing on the overlanding trend which is now more popular than ever.

The Phoenix Warrior has even been repurposed to offer a fold-out tent, pop-out awning and pop-out shower—truly making it a “go to” road warrior. The Gladiator sports blue exterior coloring and its heavy-duty, durable coat of Bullet Liner spray-on sealant keeps it safe from typical road damage (scratches, sun-fading, minor dings and abrasions).

To keep up with the escapades of John Cirone’s marquee build and catch him out on the road this summer, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook with @BulletLinerUSA.

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