Summer Marine Safety Series

Hey Boat Lovers!  We are in the heat of summer, perfect time to hit the seas in your favorite sailboat, catamaran, yacht, sloop or dinghy.  Regardless of what kind of vessel matches your past-time, boating on the open water soothes the soul and feeds any aquatic lover’s zest for exploration and adventure.

While you have likely spent time and money styling up the water cruiser of your choosing (spiffing up the cabin, the boat’s exterior and interior accoutrements, sporting a new sail, etc.), many boat owners ignore a fundamental aspect of their vessel: the deck.  The deck is the mainstay of the entire boat—providing stability and safety for passengers, crew and gear.  If the deck is unsafe—such as being overly slippery, rippled or damaged—it can jeopardize your entire passage and create a host of unwanted hazards during operation.

A slippery deck can lead to equipment, seating and other tools sliding unexpectedly.  It can also even place passengers and staff in peril and lead to an unanticipated fall—on deck or, in the worst case scenario, overboard—so deck safety is absolutely paramount to the proper operation of your vessel during this summer’s boating season.

Where does Bullet Liner come into play?  While many Bullet Liner users associate our premium elastomer spray-on sealant with land vehicles (protecting truck beds along with Jeep, ATV, UTV, motorcycle, cargo van and general automotive surfaces), our durable exterior coating is also ideal for marine applications.

“No-Slip” Resistance for Boats and Aquatic Equipment

Any vessel working on or around water presents a multitude of challenges to ensuring maintenance and safety—and Bullet Liner meets most head on.  Bullet Liner technology offers watertight properties to create an impenetrable barrier between water sources and boat decks and hulls.  Our market leading spray-on polyurea protective coating can be successfully applied to virtually any surface and offer an optimal barrier to safeguard metal boats from rust and corrosion.  Because Bullet Liner protects both the good looks and functionality of boat decks and other surfaces, it can additionally extend help to extend a marine vessel’s overall longevity and increase your boat or other recreational water equipment investment.

Boat decks and other surfaces covered in Bullet Liner are slip resistant.  Preventing slippage on any boat deck is one of the most important safety protocols you can follow while the boat is moving.  According to Modern Sailing, “even on a calm day, a boat underway will constantly pitch and yaw to varying degrees and challenge your ability to stay balanced on your feet. On a choppy or rainy day, a wet deck doubles this challenge. There’s a wide range of injuries that can occur to any part of the body as the result of a slip or fall: bruises, scrapes, sprains, broken bones, or head injuries.”

Once treated with our custom application, Bullet Liner technology provides a unique grip tight texture that creates a more secure footing and grasping—to help reduce injury from a slippery boat deck.  This extra measure of protection helps to reduce myriad safety hazards while the boat is in operation and helps to keep passengers, crew members and equipment in place—by preventing unwanted sliding during the vessel’s movement and during abrupt stops when returning to port.

Also, don’t ignore ancillary surface areas such as stairs, ladders and ramps.  According to the Decks & Docks newsletter, “stairs and ladders are a simple solution to dock safety—so always make sure they’re easily accessible and not in disrepair…Pulling up from the wood can lead to splinters, scrapes, and bruises. Not to mention it takes more energy—which can be dangerous for an exhausted swimmer. Stairs can make it easier for children and older family members to make it down a steep incline without the risk of falling or slipping.”  While these essential pathways can make movement around your vessel easier and more streamlined, they are also rife for ignoring needed repairs—and neglected areas can create serious falling and injury risks (especially for aging or very young passengers who are less sure of their footing).  A simple coat of Bullet Liner can be a game-changing solution to keep stairs, ladders and ramps up to safety standards.

And when it comes to exterior surface appearance, Bullet Liner’s advanced UV protectant also keeps watercraft looking brand new by helping to reduce and, in many cases, virtually eliminate unsightly discoloring and fading, even after months and years of baking in the hot sun while at sea and in dock.

If you already have your boat prepped and in-use for this summer season, it isn’t too late to make necessary safety upgrades!  Consider shoring up your marine assets for just a few days and visiting your local Bullet Liner dealer to discover ways that our team of custom applicators can help take your boat’s exterior (and interior) surfaces to the next level—to enhance aesthetic appeal but, most importantly, to ensure that you’re taking all of the proper deck safety precautions for smooth sailing in 2023 and beyond.

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