Avoid “Franchise Pitfalls” with the Un-Franchised Alternative

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of independent business ownership.  Building your own empire, no matter what size, and operating on your timetable—and according to your own management philosophy—can be a game changer for livelihood fulfillment and overall life satisfaction.  And if you 1) have an interest in the automotive aftermarket, 2) already own an indy auto or pickup truck dealership, 3) happen to…

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Panama City Jeep Beach Jam

150 150 Bullet Liner

Check out our interview with Bullet Liner from Panama City Jeep Beach Jam!

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Your Color, Your Choice.

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There are more reasons than we can count for why truck, ATV, Jeep, trailer, RV and boat owners rely on the High Caliber Protection of our proprietary Bullet Liner™ spray on protection.  Our current users know that Bullet Liner’s elastomer coating is ideal for a variety of exterior applications (everything from the front bumper to the rear tailgate) as well as…

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Bullet Liner™: A Good Solution, Inside and Out

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If you think spray-on bedliner is only for pickup truck beds, then you’re missing half the fun!  It’s not unusual for many within our industry (including our first time customers) to automatically assume that the applications for our market-leading protective sealant stop at the “back end of the truck,” but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Even though our…

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Putting a Spotlight on Bullet Liner of Marietta, Georgia

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This month’s Dealer Spotlight is on owner-operator Shane McPherson and the team at Bullet Liner of Marietta, GA.  Shane opened Bullet Liner’s first ever flagship dealership, back in 2010.  He has since enjoyed hallmark success and gone on to become one of the brand’s marquee operators.  “Bleeding Bullet Liner black and red” from the moment he first opened his doors up until today, Shane reigns as…

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“Think Outside the Bed™”

1024 846 Bullet Liner

High Caliber Protection for….Just About Anything Bullet Liner was founded on the bedliner tradition.  More than 30 years ago, the brand’s predecessor—legacy spray foam bedliner pioneer, Burtin Polymer Labs—set out to build a new industry and provide pickup truck owners with the high-quality military grade coating they needed to keep their bedliner exteriors safe and more functional. Today, the industry has grown…

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End of Winter Boat Deck “Do-Over”

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If you’re the nautical type and love your sailboat, speedboat, yacht or dinghy, then you know that the end-of-winter season is a great time to shore up your prize possession for the warmer weather ahead. Whether you’ve had your boat on dry dock or have already been taking it out on the open water, depending on what part of the…

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Get Your Off-Road ON!

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As soon as the snow melts, it will be time for off-road fans and ATV/Jeep lovers to once again hit the trails for some iconic 4-wheel trekking. There are some great events and opportunities coming up soon, and 2018 is shaping up to be a stellar year for some truly awesome trail riding. So, you want to the get in…

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Best. Ever. Holiday Gifts. (For Pick-up Truck Lovers)

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It’s that time of year again:  Time to come up with the perfect under-the-tree gift to bonus the ride of that special 4X4 or pick-up truck lover in your life.  And, if that happens to be you, then it’s time to take out a pen and craft your very own holiday wish list.  (And who doesn’t have a BIG wish…

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Everybody’s Working for the Weekend – How to Get an Extra Buck Out of Your Truck

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Your pick-up truck. You’ve been through a lot together. Camping trips, motocross bike treks, football tailgates…and maybe even hauling your snowboard up to “shred the gnar” on your favorite mountain. But for the millions of Americans that have more than just a recreational relationship with their “buddy on wheels,” pick-up trucks provide an invaluable, and also highly flexible, source of…

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